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Royalty, Protocol and God

So unless you’ve been offline for ages, you are aware of all the hoopla going on about the royal wedding we had this past weekend (May 19, 2018) . Meghan Markle, an American actress (read “commoner”)  married Prince Harry, the Queen’s grandson and sixth in line for the throne. As a”commoner” (i.e., someone NOT British… Read More Royalty, Protocol and God

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Is Your Past Ruining Your Future?

So many times as Christians we think because we came from a messed up past or because we did something wrong by the world’s standards (prison, murder, thieving, cheating, multiple-divorce, whatnot), God can’t use us, much less love us. I am so happy to tell you that you are WRONG! There is NOTHING in your… Read More Is Your Past Ruining Your Future?