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God Used His BIG Voice

Leland and I have been walking in some new faith adventures. This requires more time spent in His Word than ever before. We have Word going on all day in the house through our kitchen DVD player. We made our own DVD with messages from the teachers (ministers) we love and support. That’s made a… Read More God Used His BIG Voice

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Dysfunctional Christmas Memories

When my son was 11, we all went to a Faith convention in Texas and stayed in a room with a small refrigerator.  At that time, my son was so in love with chicken strips, he ordered them everywhere we ate.  One evening, he wasn’t able to finish his strips so he asked for a to-go… Read More Dysfunctional Christmas Memories

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Are You Killing Your Future?

I can’t emphasis enough how important the words of your mouth are in your life. The Bible says that your words will bless you or curse you, prosper you or break you, keep you alive or help kill you. In this life, YOUR words will bring you through victoriously or YOUR words will cause you… Read More Are You Killing Your Future?