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How to Know God’s Voice

This is NOT meant to be a “be all, end all, this is THE answer” because there are many ways to develop in knowing God’s voice

*Ring Ring*


Hi. What are you doing?

Who is this?

What do you mean, ‘who is this’? What kind of question is that? It’s me

Who’s me? I don’t know you. I don’t recognize your voice. I’m hanging up.

*Slams down the phone.* 


Would this scenario happen with your loved one?  Your kids, husband, wife, or parents? Most of your friends? It would not.

When I had a thought growing up (after I was saved), I often wondered – and I heard it said many times, “I wonder if that’s me, the devil or God?” As time went by, I asked the question less and less. 

I still had times when I questioned. So I asked God about it. God gave a perfect example:

When my mom called me on the phone, I would not have to say “who is this?”.  I would not be confused about who was on the phone. I knew it was my mother because I knew her voice. I spent my whole life with her so I knew her voice intimately.

It is the same with God. As you spend time with Him you will begin to develop an “ear” to His voice. You will not guess or say, “I wonder if that’s God?”.

Read your Bible. Find a translation you get the most out of. You learn His Word (the Bible), you learn His character. You learn what He does and doesn’t do.

Same with the devil. The Bible says he is the father of all lies. A big fat liar. The epitome of, “Liar liar, pants on fire (if he wears pants)”.  Can’t tell the truth if he wanted to, which he does NOT.

He also has the characteristics of stealing, killing and destroying. If something comes into your life with those attributes, you know who it is. 

It’s isn’t just your life, it can be your dreams, health or relationships. If something whispers lies or things like, “You are never going to get well. You will be the one person who can’t be healed of that” – smell for the smoke because for sure hell’s minions are talking to you.

Spend time learning Who God is. The more you learn, the more you grow. The more you grow, the more you distinguish and recognize the voices!


3 thoughts on “How to Know God’s Voice

  1. His Holy Spirit draws us to salvation ~~ those of us who were in church from the day we were born, and those who have never read a single word in the Bible ~~ but after that, we can’t learn to recognize His voice unless we spend time studying His Word. For those of us who were raised in church, all those “memory verses” we had learned truly come alive after we are saved!

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