About Anointed Word Ministries

Anointed Word Ministries began several years ago with a teaching ministry. Our main thrust is the importance of changing your life with the words of your mouth, and the goodness of God. With the advent of the internet, then website building, we created a website that finally morphed into what you see today – a simple blog sharing God’s goodness.

We strive for honesty, honor, and integrity. We work to bring you the truth though much Bible Study, but our main source is God. We pray and ask what He wants taught any given week.

The majority of the blog posts are written by Nan. Right now Leland is out there raising healthy beef to fit the mandate God gave him to “feed my sheep, literally”. You can find him over at Lilybird Ranch (lilybirdranch.com). He utilizes angels in his work – a complete miracle of God’s provision! He does give input on the posts, both before, during and afterwards.

Join us weekly as we share God’s goodness in an easy-to-understand writing style. We pray you enjoy the posts and learn something, to boot!

Leland and Nan Loyd





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