If it is not edifying, if it is full of the world way of living like cheating, cursing, nudity, sexual situations, and blood and gore,  basically anything anti-God, NO!  This includes posts on social media. 

Don’t watch “Christian” movies that give an anti-scriptural message (God took your baby because He needed another angel in heaven).  This will affect your Spirit and your faith.  You believe lies about the Bible and God.

God told me that if I wouldn’t watch it or read it with Jesus sitting right beside me – then reconsider.  That is an excellent guideline.

In raising our son, when he was young God said if it was something he couldn’t watch because of his age, then we shouldn’t be watching it – because our Spirits are the same.  That included scary themes (my mom watched a Matlock show once while watching Joshua after school. There was a murder as usual – and Josh had a nightmare that night about it.

That was when God pointed out that what you put in your spirit affects your faith.

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