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There was a 2002 movie called, “Panic Room.” The story was about a woman and her daughter who purchased an apartment that came equipped with a panic room. When bad guys break into the apartment looking for a hidden cache of money, the mother and daughter lock themselves into the panic room for protection.

panic room

Panic Room Behind Bookshelf

A panic room is a fortified room which is installed in a private residence or business to provide a safe hiding place for the inhabitants in the event of a break-in, home invasion or other threat. The room usually contains communication equipment so that the law enforcement authorities can be contacted. There may also be a monitor for external security cameras and an alarm system. Safe rooms are typically stocked with basic emergency and survival items.


The premise of the panic room is that you will be “safe” from criminals because it is a room so secure, no one can get into it unless you allow it.

During Bible study, I came across the Word that reminded me of this movie and made me see something I want to share with you.

psalm 91

Psalm 91 talks about a “secret place”. Researching the word “secret place” helps you better understand what the psalmist meant when he wrote those words:  You are under the protection of the Most High. It is a hiding place, a covert place, a protection place; a shelter; all that conceals or hides.

Sounds an awful lot like a “panic” room, doesn’t it!? But here’s another thing I saw. The very name of a panic room is wrapped in FEAR. Panic is another word for terror, fright, dread, alarm, fear, and horror. Since God always tells us not to fear, then the very meaning of this room is based on the enemy’s thought process.

Now I’m not saying a person can’t have a panic room. What I am saying is not to put your trust in a panic room. Psalm 91 tells us the Bible way to live – how to have a safe zone (secret place) where the enemy cannot get to you. Part of the answer is in verse 2 – “I will SAY of the Lord, HE is my refuge and my fortress, my God, therefore in Him will I trust (my life to Him).”

So your mouth has to speak that God is your safe zone. Verses 3-7 talk about God protecting you from things that sound far worse than someone breaking into your home (although He will protect you from that, too). Verse 10 states boldly that NO EVIL will conquer you and no plague will come near your home (NLT). The qualifier is that you have to believe this.

Instead of having communication equipment hooked up to law enforcement, God orders His angels, His “protection enforcers” to protect you, to serve you. You communicate with angels by speaking words that line up with God’s words rather than fear. Thus you assign your angels to protect you. If you speak fear and doubt, your angels can’t do a thing for you.

How can I say that? Angels hear and do – hearken – to the Word of God. You speak contrary to those words, you cut off your protection. Example? “I’m so afraid I’m going to die of cancer.” “I’m afraid someone is going to attack me after hours at work.” “I’m so afraid….” -fill in the blank.

If you do have a panic room, make sure your trust and security are in God’s protection while using it! You don’t have to have a physical panic room because you have the best protection of all. Where and What? Living in a place of security, safety, and protection – Psalm 91.

Like I told Leland – I don’t have a safe room, I have a safe house! He said, “Well, I have a safety zone – everywhere I am!”

Always gotta one-up me!

Psalm 91
Psalm 103:20
Romans 10:17
Matt 12:24
Luke 6:45

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sign youth has no age

What would you do or change if you knew you could live to the age of 120 – capable, whole, sound of mind and body, and going strong? Would you change things you’re doing now? Exercise more; eat better? Believe God for even more things to do for Him than you planned to?

Does it sound too good to be true? It’s not.

Let’s see what God has to say about it:  Genesis 6:3… “My Spirit will not contend with man forever, for he is mortal; his days will be a hundred and twenty years.”

The Message translation says, “Then GOD said, ‘I’m not going to breathe life into men and women endlessly. Eventually they’re going to die; from now on they can expect a life span of 120 years.’

word benefits

Not only did God state how long our days are to be, but He also makes it clear by saying He will bless your food (unless it is something He told you not to eat), your water, take away sickness from you, keep things from being barren in your life, AND promises to fulfill the number of your days – 120.  (Exodus 23: 25-26)

That life span of 120 has never been changed anywhere in the Bible. That is God’s last and final word on how long we can live on this earth. THAT IS GOOD NEWS.

There are stipulations – obeying His commandments (His Word), speaking right words out of your own mouth, walking in love. But if you obey you will connect to the promise of 120 years.

People often quote Psalms 90:10 as the standard by which we should expect to live – 70 or 80 years. That particular passage of scripture was dealing with the Israelites in the wilderness. That was NOT good news to those who were accustomed to living 300 plus years of age.

It was never meant to be taken as an age we, in current times, were to strive for. Seventy to eighty is far below the age God expects us to live to. Plus you’re just hitting your stride in wisdom and knowledge.

time to live

There is also the misunderstanding of Ecclesiastes 3 about there being a “time to die”. People have decided that means we all have a specific time (Sunday, Sept. 13, 2020 at 6:00 p.m.) and we will die then and there is nothing we can do about it.  They say, “Well you know, when it is my time to go, I’ll go.” That is a rather fatalistic attitude that has hurt many people who die before their time.

No!! That passage of scripture simply means that if Jesus tarries His return, there will come a time when our physical bodies will die – unless we happen to be on earth when Jesus comes back. It did not mean a specific year, day and time. If that were true then why are there so many scriptures that teach you how to lengthen your days?

Then people say, “Yeah but Genesis, that’s Old Testament. We live under the New Testament now.” The Good News is that in this new testament – new covenant – that God made with us, it also includes all that is blessing, all that is GOOD, in the old testament – old covenant – AND all the good in the new covenant.

Don’t throw out the promises and blessings of the Old Testament. God didn’t.

Now that you have received this revelation – will you change things in your life in order to live long, strong, and of a good age? Will you take better care of yourself and quit calling yourself old? Quit making jokes about old age? Believe in God’s grace to bring you to 120?

Or will you keep going on thinking you are too old to be of use to God anymore? Most people start believing that in their 30’s – which is ridiculous! By living to 120, even a person in their 60’s would only be halfway through their life! A 30 year old would actually be younger than a teenager if they decided to live to 120!!



(Oh, and p.s., you don’t have to look like those old apple dolls as you age. Remember that Abraham’s wife Sarah was so beautiful at 90 that a King wanted her for his wife. Believe to age well. And yes, there’s scripture for that, too.)

God is Good, always and in all ways!



Scripture Reference
Deuteronomy 30:19

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I got to thinking about Zombies. People seem to be fascinated by them. Movies galore are being made – some gross, some very funny. I never watch the gross ones.

Zombies. Zombies only have one goal in their life – eat! Well, kill and eat. It is their total focus. They are mindless about it. They don’t actually know why or what, they just know “eat”. They stumble around all the time looking for the next meal.

There is nothing inside a zombie.

Zombies are real. You see them every day in the form of Christians. I know you question my statement, and if you’re smart you’ll also ask me for Chapter and Verse out of the Bible.  Mark 4 and Luke 18 both talk about “the cares of this world.”

Most Christians have only one goal in their life – work to pay for the things in their life that require maintenance. They work for a paycheck. It is their total focus. They are mindless about it. While they may actually know why or what, they are mindless. They stumble around living or looking for that next paycheck.

… they get up, go to work, come home, sit in front of the television, sleep, get up, go to work, come home, sit in front of the television, sleep and on and on. They might get to take vacation for a few days a year but then come back and once again get up, go to work, come home, sit in front of the television, sleep, get up. You get the picture.

There is nothing inside a Christian Zombie.

They may or may not go to church on Sunday, perhaps Wednesday. Oftentimes Christmas, occasionally Easter. They might even crack open their Bibles once in a blue moon. They can’t find any scriptures but most can quote one, “Jesus wept.” Or maybe “The Lord is my shepherd, I… ummm, something or the other by green pastures.”

Their main goal on earth is that paycheck. A paycheck to pay for their maintenance work.

We are a people of maintenance. We work so we can maintain our lives. We maintain our car, our houses, our clothes, our hair, our pets, our stomachs (food), our jobs, our gardens, our relationships, our friendships, our children, our health, our sicknesses. Maintenance workers – zombies.

God never wanted us to be Christian Zombies. He never wanted us stumbling around, living paycheck to paycheck. He sent His son to give us a good life. Instead, we became zombies, inwardly focused on our maintenance work.

God wants us outwardly focused, not inwardly. He has a calling for each and every person on earth. something we’re good at, something we can do with His help. He wants His people, those Christian Zombies, to get His message of Love out. He wants them to help others. He wants them to be His hands on this earth.

Most importantly, He wants us to spend time with Him, sharing of ourselves so He can share of Himself. In that special time alone with God, He will give us ideas, thoughts, insights, concepts, and ways to work right to have a good life.

Instead, most people are working toward this:

Old cementery

Old Cemetary

with nothing to show for their time on this earth – except those things they maintained. Passed on to their children so their children can maintain it.

If you are beginning to feel like that zombie, why not ask God what areas your need to work on, what can be cut out of your life so that you have time to spend with Him. He can show you what you can do to help others, spread His Good News, and what giftings are in you. They are in there, you know.

God gave us His Bible to teach us how to operate in this life. So it is also important to spend some time reading that Manufacturer’s Handbook. Start in Proverbs or Psalms if you haven’t gotten accustomed to spending time reading your Bible.

Rather than be a mindless zombie, purposefully choose to find out what HIS plan for your life is. The Bible says He has a good plan for you. He wants to show it to you because in that plan is where you begin to live a life worth living.

It sure isn’t to be a zombie maintenance worker!

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There is an old Arnold Schwarzenegger movie entitled, “Eraser.” His job was to “erase” a woman who was running from the bad guys; erase her so they couldn’t find her. He erased her by deleting everything in the system about her – her driver’s license, birth certificate, records of any sort. He also took everything away from her that represented her old life, things like credit cards, jewelry, and pictures.

She wanted to keep a necklace she wore all the time.  He told her she could keep nothing from her old life – she had to be erased.  He gave her new documents and credit cards, then he moved her to a safe location to start a new life. She was erased – as if she never existed in her old life.

Her job was to be so aware of her new life that she quit being aware of her old life. She was to quit doing the things she used to do. She was to completely forget her old life things, her old life ways, her old life, period.  She was to develop a new-life consciousness – to be aware she had a new life and her old life was gone.

That movie reminds me of Christians. We are supposed to know we have been erased from our sin consciousness when we made Jesus Lord of our life. Through the Word of God, we are supposed to be so aware of our new life that we quit being aware of our old life.  We are to quit doing the things we used to do. We are supposed to completely forget our old life things, our old life ways, our old life, period.

Yet many Christians are still sin- and old-life conscious. They only focus on mistakes they’ve made.

In the Old Testament, under the Levitical law, an animal had to be offered every year to atone for the sins of the people. That Old Testament word, atone, means “to cover.” It is used all throughout the Old Testament.  This is NOT what Jesus did.

That word atone is never used in our new covenant, the New Testament. The Greek word used to describe what Jesus did for us on the cross does not mean “to cover” – it means “to remit, to do completely away with it as if that sin had NEVER existed.”

Sounds like an eraser to me!

Have you ever lain awake at night with all your problems running through your mind to the point you can’t sleep? Have you ever felt so badly about something you did that you were ashamed to get before God because you felt unworthy? If so, you are sin-conscious.

Have you ever repented of a sin then have the memory of the sin come back and haunt you over and over and over in your mind until you just feel there is no way God could have forgiven you of that sin? If so, you are sin-conscious.

One by-line from the movie reminds me of Jesus, “He will erase your past to protect your future.”

Jesus WILL erase your past.  He WILL protect your future. Being sin-conscious will destroy your present and your future. You need to learn to focus on the fact that God Almighty says when you repented, He immediately forgets that sin (Hebrews 10:17). He remembers it NO MORE.

God is saying your past is forgotten – erased. It is as if you never committed that sin – you are clean, pure and have a fresh slate. When God looks at you, He sees you free from sin, as if your old life never existed.

Righteousness = innocence. You are innocent.  Instead of thinking about everything you did wrong, think about everything Jesus did right. Think about and focus on the fact that all your sins have been completely wiped out.  Erased.

Erased – never to be seen or thought of again by God. If God forgets it, don’t you think you’d better forget it, too?