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LIDT: Touch Not God’s Anointed

People often believe that the Old Testament doesn’t concern us any more. Not true. Oftentimes, OT scripture like “Touch not my anointed” is fulfilled a different way in NT. In this case, Jesus saying “judge not”. And no matter what you think about someone, even the person sitting next to you in church is God’s… Read More LIDT: Touch Not God’s Anointed

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LIDT: Obedience and… Vomit?

Today’s subject is about – ready? Vomit. Yes, that’s right. Specifically dog vomit. Specifically Proverbs 26:11,  “As a dog that returns to his own vomit, so a fool repeats his foolishness”.  These were what made me a fool in God’s (and scripture) eyes- the beauties before: The baggie is sitting on a green cutting board.… Read More LIDT: Obedience and… Vomit?