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You Can Lose Your Healing

Pardon me for taking so long to post. I was having computer problems. I mentioned last time that there are things that can hinder healing. Many times we are taught about healing but we are not taught what can stop it.  I’ve been researching that. Come to find out, there are several things that hinder… Read More You Can Lose Your Healing

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Is It Always God’s Will to Heal?

Is it God‘s will to heal everyone today? You really need to settle that question before you can have confidence that God is always for our healing. If you don’t settle it, it’s sometimes hard to receive healing. And the enemy will convince you to believe the opposite. You also have to settle that there… Read More Is It Always God’s Will to Heal?

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Is God Abusive?

A long time ago I heard the story about the richest man in town. He had 2 children he loved ferociously. They also loved their father very much. He wanted to keep the children humble because of their privileged lifestyle. He was afraid that his great wealth would cause them to become selfish and to… Read More Is God Abusive?