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Feel sick as a dog?

Sick as a dog

So you got the creeping crud?  Feel sicker than a dog?

You feel like your head needs to be disconnected from your body just so you can feel better? You want to curl up and sleep for a week? You want to moan and groan about how awful you feel?

STOP! Don’t go any further. Don’t whine. Don’t moan. Don’t feel sorry for yourself. For sure, don’t lie around wondering how this happened to you when you are such a faith person! That will only lead to self-condemnation and self-pity – and NOT to feeling better.

I don’t care how badly you feel, the important thing is to get back on your feet with renewed strength and vigor. Only then you can attack the right enemy and stay in health.

Now some Christians think it is wrong to go to a doctor. I heard a great faith preacher say something that changed my life in this area: It’s too late to get prepared when you’re in the middle of the battle.

What does that mean? A soldier going into battle doesn’t play around until it is time to attack. He will prepare, practice, work on his skills, practice, prepare, work on his skills – until they are second nature and he is ready for the battle.

As a soldier in the army of the Lord, you also need to prepare, practice, and work on your skills. How?  By putting the Word of God in daily so you are more full of the Word than you are the world. When you’re under attack is not the time to decide to get full of the Word of God. You need to be full all the time.

So if you’re in the middle of some sickness, and you need to go to the doctor to get some relief, that’s a good thing to do. It is more important to get back on your feet than it is to feel guilty that you had to go to the doctor. That’s just dumb – get help anywhere you can – BUT!!! Make sure you believe that God will give wisdom to the doctor so you get the best diagnosis and meds possible.

Say you don’t feel you need to go to the doctor. Start putting in mega-doses of the Word of God in the area of healing. Start now!  Immediately.

Several months ago, when I was suddenly laid out for 3 days with some viral thing, I slept 36 hours straight in a row. When I was able to get up and move around I got smart and grabbed a teaching CD on healing. I set the player to repeat and listened to the CD over and over and over and over, conscious and subconscious getting full of the Word of God on healing. The very next day was the turning point and I began to feel amazingly better.

So to recap – don’t wallow in self-pity or self-condemnation. Don’t whine, moan, groan, or otherwise not speak the Word of God. Get to a doctor if you need to and #1 most important thing of all – GET YOUR EARS (thus heart/spirit) FULL OF THE WORD OF GOD.

Once you feel better, make sure you fill yourself up with Word every day! It is our best and only defense in a world full of sickness and disease!

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