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Christmas Slow Down


Tis the season… to be peaceful!  No stressing allowed!

Less shopping, less trying for perfection, less baking if it takes away from enjoying the holiday – and for sure, less worrying about what others (including children) will think. This is the season of LOVE, not stress.

More of this:

man in praise

which comes from spending time like this:


During Christmas season, everyone seems to be hurrying along, hustling and bustling with personal agendas – gifts to buy, songs to sing, cookies to bake, parties to go to, and church functions to attend.  

In the midst of all this rushing around, it is very easy to rush right past the REAL reason for the season, Jesus.


If this is the ONLY life we have here on earth, where are we rushing to and what are we rushing for? When are we going to stop and enjoy this life we have? When will we have time for what is really important? When do we sit still and enjoy the Peace of God? When will we spend time in His presence?

Often the one thing that we don’t have time for is spending time reading our Bibles and then telling God how much we appreciate our lives. And if we are too busy for time with God, we are too busy.

I double-dog dare you to STOP this evening, grab a cocoa or tea, or your favorite drink, sit still for a few minutes, somewhere quiet and without your electronics. Just savour the moment. Then begin to think of all you are grateful for and tell God so.

Maybe you might keep a gratitude journal for the rest of this year going into 2018.  It’s a nice way to begin your new year!



1 thought on “Christmas Slow Down

  1. Really, where are we rushing to and what are we rushing for. The world system is based on rushing in everything we do even in jobs we have. We really need to slow down and set our priorities. Who set all of these tasks in place? If God didn’t then we are taking on things that He didn’t intend for us to do and we are stressing our own bodies which are not designed for stress. Living the life Jesus has designed for us is stress free.

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