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What the Heck is Tongues??

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Is “tongues” something to be afraid of? NO, emphatically NO. Is is a powerful tool and weapon God has given us that has been very misunderstood.

I remember when my son was around 11, he had questions about “tongues”. As most Christians are aware, just the word “tongues” freaks some people out. There is this “woo-woo” feeling behind it, sometimes creating fear. And it is often mocked in the media.

It’s so simple. The word more correctly should have been translated “language” (not half as freaky); as in an unknown language. It is like if you are American and don’t know French, if someone spoke French in front of you, it would be unknown to you what they were saying.

Josh thought that God was going to take over his body or mouth and make him “speak in tongues” – spouting out weird sounds just any old time, anywhere. Nope.

I explained to him that the actual word “tongues” is someone’s translation of the original Greek of the New Testament word in the Bible. By saying the word “language” instead of “tongues” it is easier to understand. I actually don’t use the word “tongues” anymore.

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I gave him a simple demonstration to show him he controlled if he spoke this language or not. I said several sentences, each with a different accent. I spoke a Spanish accent sounding sentence. Then a French accent sounding sentence (sounded more like Pepé Le Pew). Then a Texas (southern) accent sounding sentence. There were several and by the time I was done we were laughing at the silliness.

But my point was made – we control when we speak. We control how often we speak. We control speaking in this language God gave us.

The reason we need to follow Acts 2:4. “And they were all filled of the Holy Spirit, and began to speak in other languages, as the Spirit gave ability to them to speak.” (LITV) is simple:

It is a form of communication with God. You are praying perfect prayers to God, that He understands. You are not messing things up with wrong words or ideas. You are speaking His Language. It bypasses our enemy so he has no idea what we are praying about or for. He can’t get in and create havoc.

There are times you need to pray for others and have no idea how, pray in your language. If your kids are rowdy, pray in your language. If you need business ideas and answers, spend time with God, praying in your language. Got lost on a road, pray in your language (and yes, it was me). (Rom. 8:26-27)

God gave us this new language to communicate with Him so He can help you be successful in this life. I always end my prayer time with, “And thank You for the interpretation, revelation, knowledge, and answers of what I just prayed!”

There are several scriptures relating to tongues as language. Dig them out and see all the benefits of using this tool God has given us.

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