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Developing Gratitude

Someone I follow online to help teach me Bible truths declared that today is Worship Monday. His challenge was to spend the day focusing on being grateful rather any problems and issues we may be facing. He called on us to just be thankful for what God has done and not ask Him for anything today.

It reminded me of one of the first times God challenged me to be grateful, thankful, and to worship Him. It was a long time ago…

I was visiting my mom one day and we got into a big stupid argument. I stormed out and got in my car to head back to my house. I was fussing to God about my mom (as I’m sure she was about me to Him). I was frustrated.

Driving down the road, I heard in my Spirit, “Why don’t you develop gratitude? Thank Me. Worship Me.”

Being a little snot back then, I replied, “I can’t think of anything to be thankful for right now!”  Yikes!!

God replied, “Well, you can thank Me for rubber tires. At least you’re not driving down the road in a covered wagon, riding on wooden wheels, on a dirt road, being jolted all over the place.”

I laughed because He was right. I began thanking Him for rubber tires. Then paved roads. Then air conditioning in my car. Not necessarily deep things, but just developing gratitude. I learned to quit whining.

I got home, called my mom and we both apologized for the argument. If I’m not mistaken, God had also dealt with her about developing gratitude. I do not believe we ever had a stupid argument like that again.

Developing gratitude isn’t easy at first. We are more focused on ourselves, our problems, our issues, US. It doesn’t seem like we have anything to be grateful for.

If we take a deep breath and let it out, there’s one thing to be grateful for – that we are alive. If we look around we can find things, even if it starts out being silly like rubber tires. 

As we PRACTICE gratitude, it will become a habit. We will begin to find many other things to thank God for. Don’t underestimate the silly things – because I REALLY am grateful I don’t have to ride in a covered wagon!!

What can YOU find to thank God for today? Spend the day being thankful. Find things to tell Him “thank You” for. You will be surprised what you will find.

Go read Psalm 103 if you need a starting place! Verse 3: He forgives all your faults and heals you from all sickness and disease!

2 thoughts on “Developing Gratitude

  1. So good, Nan. A grateful heart will bring peace and joy into any situation. My dad at 87 yrs of age went into kidney failure. Rather than giving up or complaining, he chose and chooses every day to thank God for all of his blessings and for another day to be used by God. He makes a difference everywhere he goes and now at 90 shares the love and joy of Jesus even at dialysis.

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