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The Past Is Being Erased


I’ve been thinking about this movie as it pertains to my life now. I never thought I’d need the “Eraser” for my current life. I never thought I would need to erase this particular past of mine.

Alas, I do. If I want to go forward, I need to stop looking backward at my life with Leland. If I want to be effective for God, I need to let go my past with Leland. If I want to live the supernatural life I told God I would live, the one I told Him on the day Leland died and I wanted to die and go with him – then I have to erase my past. I need let it go so that God can take me forward.

“Eraser” is an old Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. His job in the movie is to “erase” a woman who was running from the bad guys; erase her so they couldn’t find her.

He erased her by deleting everything about her in the every system – her driver’s license, birth certificate, records of any sort. even items from her home.

Her responsibility was to be so aware of her new life that she quit being aware of her old life. She had to listen to Arnold’s character and do everything he said. She was to completely forget her old life things, her old life ways, her old life, period. It had been erased.

She was to develop a new-life consciousness – to be aware she had a new life and her old life was gone. Who she was no longer exists.

I need to develop a new-life consciousness – to be aware I have a new life now and my old life is gone. Who I was with Leland no longer exists.

One by-line from the movie reminds me of Jesus, “He will erase your past to protect your future.” God is doing that – not to be cruel but because He loves me so much and wants to use me. To use me, I have to let go of my past. I will always have beautiful memories. Things can go.

While going through my former life that’s been boxed up, I often run across things that were specific to my life with Leland. They trigger sadness. I was procrastinating about letting go some things. One day God gave me a line I’d heard my pastor say a few years back. “Nan, do you believe I can bring you better? Do you believe I can create a new life for you full of beauty and joy?”

I’m now easily packing up to give away. Someone will be blessed by the beautiful things that no longer fit my life. I am making room for the new life God has promised me. He promised it would be over and above and it will be more: more joyous, more happy, more things to do for Him, more supernatural, just more. I am looking forward to seeing how He does that.

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