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YOUR Words and Thoughts Are So Important

Proverbs 18:21  Death and life are in the power of YOUR tongue (mouth), And those who love it and indulge it will eat its fruit and bear the consequences of their words (good or bad).

Matthew 12:37  For by YOUR words you shalt be justified, and by YOUR words you shalt be condemned.

Romans 10:8  …”the Word is near you, in YOUR MOUTH and in YOUR HEART” — that is, the Word [the message, the basis] of faith which we preach–

[Deuteronomy 30:14  …the Word is very near unto you, in YOUR mouth, and in YOUR heart, that YOU may do it.]

Proverbs 23:7  For as YOU think within yourself, so are YOU.


More and more God has been dealing with me about the importance of our thoughts and the words of our mouth. What you constantly think of will eventually come out of your mouth. It is one of God’s rules and you can learn something new about it every day.

I am going to tell you a true story that emphasizes these important scriptures. There are so many stories out there but here is this one:

There was a minister I listened to who related this story about someone he knew.

She had cancer and went through his prayer line for healing. She was gloriously healed, with doctors confirming this. 

Later, she ran into this minister and told him she knew that the cancer was back. She just felt like it was back. She told everyone she had cancer again. She felt the symptoms of it in her body. She believed it. She thought about it. She meditated on it. Spoke it out – decreed it.

Doctor’s disagreed because they could find no trace of it. Her family disagreed with her. But SHE was adamant. She was confident she had cancer. Eventually she died and her family asked for an autopsy.

She had NO cancer in her body Job 22:28  You shall also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto you… (again, good or bad)

Yes, the words you think, speak and believe are THAT important. What you speak you begin to believe. What you entertain in your thoughts can become your new reality. Why? Because YOU are the most influential voice in your life. 



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  1. III John 2… “even as your soul prospers”… your soul is your mind, your will and your emotions all programmed by your words and thoughts. It’s a domino affect that will effect your quality of life. 💕 Good word, my friend.

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