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The Power of Shalom & Cows

SHALOM! There is much more to Shalom than peace. This morning if you were in Israel and you greeted someone, you would be telling them, “May you be full of well-being” or “May health and prosperity be upon you!”  Shalom also carries the meanings:  to make completed; make good, peace, prosper, and so much more.… Read More The Power of Shalom & Cows

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God’s One Thing

In the 1991 film City Slickers, the Jack Palance  character goes on about the secret of life boiling down to One Thing. He tells the Billy Crystal character that it is for him to find out what that is, leaving Billy Crystal confused. Isn’t it wonderful that God has One Thing and He doesn’t leave… Read More God’s One Thing

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You Can’t Just Say Any Old Thing

There is a popular English children’s rhyme* that was apparently first coined in 1830. Sticks and Stone may break my bones But words will never hurt me There are many variations of this rhyme, all forms of telling people that words won’t hurt you like sticks and stones can.  IT IS A BIG FAT LIE… Read More You Can’t Just Say Any Old Thing