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Troubling Times Part 2

I heard a story about a neurosurgeon who treats people by using Word Therapy.  He has his patients do what he calls mental exercises for fifteen minutes a day.

Someone with high blood pressure is to say, “My blood pressure is one hundred twenty over eighty” for fifteen minutes every day.  This doctor reports that whether or not this patient understands what he is saying makes no difference; his body knows and will obey him.

A person with sugar diabetes says for fifteen minutes a day, “My pancreas secretes sufficient insulin for this body.”  The patient does not have to know what his pancreas is or does.  His body knows and will obey his voice.  The doctor said, “I don’t know why it works, but it does!”  (the why is Mark 11:23!)

The doctor gave an illustration of a hopeless case – a woman who had terminal cancer.  The doctors had done all they could for her.  She had been in terrible pain; but after three weeks of Word Therapy, all the pain left her body!  Three months later, X-rays showed no sign of cancer.  She was totally healed.

If you will get an understanding that your spirit continually produces what you speak, you might realize why some bad things happened in your life. Saying things like, “Man, trouble seems to follow me everywhere I go!” What is going on in your life – trouble, all the time?

This is not mind over matter; this is God’s Word over all matter.  Words created your body and words will affect your body.  Your words cause you to be healed or to remain sick.  It is the little things we say and do that will get us into trouble.

How about, “We’re never going to be able to get out of debt.  And the price of gas?  I’ll have to take a loan out to fill my car, ha ha.  I’ll have to decide whether to drive to work or get groceries!”  You might be half serious and half joking – but your spirit doesn’t know the difference.  Your spirit will begin to lead you in ways that will keep you in debt and unable to fill your gas tank.

How important are your words in times of trouble?  VERY.

When times of trouble come, what you say under pressure is one of the most vital ways to keep your life going in the right direction.  Do you confess what you see around you – bad economy, high gas prices, lay offs, grocery prices going sky high?  Or do you confess what God’s Word says, “God supplies everything I need, over and above all I can ask or think.  I don’t care of bread gets to $5 a loaf.  If it does, God will provide me $5.50 so I can buy a loaf of bread and tithe, too!”

Find the scriptures you need for whatever you are facing then begin some Word Therapy today. Confess what you want 15 minutes a day (or more if you want to) until you see a change in what you are facing.  You have His Word that nothing is impossible with God so be bold!

God is Good, always and in all ways!



Scripture Reference:
Luke 10:19
Isaiah 54:17
Proverbs 12:28
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