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If God is Good Why is There Bad?

This devotional is not intended to state that what happened to the people in Texas is their fault. I do not intend to say that. What happened is a part of the curse and God did not do that to them. What is important is how they recover quickly from the effects of this curse that has happened in their life. God will help them get past this horrible time in their lives and bring them out on the other side completely whole and restored.  If you want to give to an organization that is boots-on-the-ground, helping:  – Information about their work: HERE

We always get and have in our life what we believe for and say. And what we consistently say is what we believe. It’s what is inside us.

Have you ever wondered that if God is such a good God, why are there so many horrible things happening? Why do Christians suffer the same things the unbeliever’s do?

It’s simple. When Adam sinned in the Garden of Eden, he released a curse into the land. What people fail to realize is that this curse NEVER LEFT the earth. It’s still here operating, as we can tell if we look around us.

When Jesus died it was so we can be redeemed (rescued, delivered) from the curse. That redemption is an individual choice. The curse is still in the earth but if we choose Jesus AND obey God’s commandments, it doesn’t have to affect us. If one does not choose Jesus and obedience, they will be affected by that curse.

The Bible states that we have to choose whether we walk in the curse or blessing. We choose by what we believe and what we say

Another factor in why people have trouble is that most people are waiting for God to do something about it. God did do something – He sent His only son to die for us. It’s called redemption and that redemption paid for our freedom from every curse there is out there.

There is a condition – WE have to choose it. Several times the Bible points to us and says, “YOU choose; YOU do something. YOU choose life, not death; YOU choose to be blessed or to be cursed. YOU go do the works that I (Jesus) did; YOU do greater works than Me. YOU speak to it (the mountain) and YOU tell it to get lost.

Because the curse is still operating in the earth today, it is the default. Several years ago, we used to receive phone calls asking which long distance telephone carrier we wanted. We were told that if we did not choose one, one would be chosen for us as a default.

The curse is the default choice in the earth. Do nothing and the curse will operate automatically through that wrong choice. Choose to do things God’s way – choose life – and you are redeemed from the curse.

If we have curses operating in our life, it is our own fault. The Bible clearly states that the curse cannot come on us without a reason. We have been commanded to choose life, to choose God’s way, to speak God’s Word. So to do the opposite opens the door to the curse to operate in our life.

Most of us speak what the world and worldly Christians speak – curses, death, destruction, and doom, “gloom, despair, and misery on me.” You don’t think so? Any statement that is not of faith is of death.

Unbelief is death – death to dreams, death to a future, death to healing and wholeness, and eventually death to the physical body. Here are death statements; see if any sound familiar:

I don’t know how I am going to pay these bills.

The doctor said I have cancer and I am going to die.

The politicians say the economy is not going to get better.

I’m afraid I’m going to lose my job.

Why doesn’t God heal me?

My kid is going to hell in a handbasket.

I’m going to have to cut back on my spending.

I just can’t lose this weight.

I can forgive them but I’ll never forget what they did.

Scientists say… (anything opposite what God says).

Doctors say… (anything opposite what God says).

Well, you just never know what God’s going to do.

I’m afraid my company is going to go bankrupt.

I’ll probably be the first one laid off.

This car (or whatever) is a piece of junk.

I must be catching a cold. I get one about this time every year.

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  1. Words are the most important thing in our lives, especially after we are saved. Words will give us victory or defeat. How can we walk together unless we agree? If we speak in line with God’s words then we agree with Him but if we speak against Gods words then we are agreeing with the world. You choose.

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