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Don’t Be a Dust Bunny in the Wind


Dust Bunnies in the wind
All we are is dust bunnies in the wind…

This song – well, something like it* – was made popular in the seventies. The lyrics were catchy and stuck with you. People sang or hummed the song without thought.

The problem with those words is that they are not true. We are not dust, much less dust bunnies, in the wind. We are not supposed to go through life aimlessly, without focus. 

Each and every one of us were put on this earth for a purpose. That purpose is not to roll around like dust bunnies, gathering more and more dust until we are totally ineffective to the Kingdom of God!

I want to make it clear that every human life is precious to God – special, wonderful, full of potential. The Bible states that God has plans for us, for our welfare, our good, not for disaster.

Sometimes we think our small little corner of the world is not important and couldn’t possibly impact the Kingdom of God. That is not true! We are called to be soldiers – great warriors. And the wonderful thing is, there is something inside you – something you are graced to do – that God calls you to use to help accomplish this. 

It is a burning desire, something that drives you but you may not see it as important to God. You may scribble poems that could be turned into worship songs. There is something.

We tend to think it is difficult to serve God – that He wants us to do something impossible, or even worse, something we would hate to do. God has enough trouble getting people to do what He wants them to do. Why would He call us to do something difficult or hard to do? He won’t.

You may be very good at encouraging others. It can be as simple as an encouraging word to someone who was getting ready to quit the ministry. The devil may have been lying to them, making them think they are not doing any good as a minister. One encouraging word, spoken by you for God, and they stood up straight and went on to help hundreds get saved!

Maybe you are to help a person see through the Bible that God wants them healed of some disease or sickness. You may have a wonderful healing testimony to share or just have a driving need to share God’s healing power with others.

Maybe it is to raise children who will take the world for Jesus. This IS a very real calling. It is also something the devil has attacked and caused others to look at with disdain. Raising godly children IS a calling and ministry.

Maybe it involves tucking some money into a single mother’s hand in church one Sunday; that money can turn her life around and change it forever.

You may be called to the “King” ministry, starting a business that makes plenty of money. Some of that money you can put into the Kingdom of God, to send “Priests” (ministers) out to preach the Good News!

Hold your own head up! Straighten your shoulders and face each day with renewed excitement and anticipation! You are an amazing person who has great potential.

Realize that everything you say and do can impact the Kingdom of God in a positive way. You ARE His hands, feet, eyes, ears, mouth, and person here on this earth. Represent Him!

Whatever it is you are called to do, it is important to God.  It is not just dust bunnies in the wind!
Jeremiah 29:11
John 10:10
John 5:30
Heb. 2:15
1 John 3:8b

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*Dust In The Wind, song sung by Kansas, 1977
If you go listen to it, plan to wash your eyes out because there is polyester (in suit form), ruffled pink and prom shirts, LONG hair, jeans in boots, wide-legged jeans – some fashion horrors of the 70’s!!

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