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2010 – Surround Yourself With Beauty!

I heard a quote the other day, “Surround yourself with things that are beautiful to you. They inspire creativity.” One of the meanings of the word beauty is “decoration” so I believe God meant for us to surround ourselves with decor and decorations that inspire. After all, He did! God made a world of beauty… Read More 2010 – Surround Yourself With Beauty!

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2008 – Do You Have Dominion?

I’m going to come back to the Prosperity and Pleasures series later. I found some lost devotionals from 2007 to 2013 due to a computer crash. My email marketing service provider actually had them saved on their site. Since I’d been told nothing was ever saved there, I call this a huge miracle.  It’s over… Read More 2008 – Do You Have Dominion?