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Take Angels Literally

archangel michael in golden armour sizedLately Leland and I have been learning how little we actually know about God and His Word (Bible). It is a little disconcerting to realize that He has made so much provision for us, His people, which we either didn’t know or didn’t take literally.

Take angels. No, seriously – take angels – literally!

The Bible says many things about angels but people just decided that they are little guardian angels sent to us as children. When we grow up, they disappear and we’re left on our own – right? That’s what a lot of people believe.

Here is one thing the Bible says this about that – Hebrews 1:14:

(KJV) Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?

That kinds of sounds like they are sent to get people ready to get saved. The truth is, with a little study you find out that the word “salvation” there is from the Greek word soteria (so-tay-ree’-ah) which means rescue or safety (physically or morally): – deliver, health, salvation, save, saving.

So pretty much angels are sent as ministering spirits – a servant, work for, attend upon (like a waiter in a restaurant) – and the literal meaning of it was beneficent – which means “doing good or causing good to be done.”

So I got to thinking about this and it is like if you go into a restaurant. You sit at the table and the waiter comes over to you, possibly bringing you a glass of water, some breadsticks, rolls, honey butter. You look over the menu and decide what you want. The waiter stands there waiting for you to give him your order. You look at him, sit and chat with your companion, tap your hand on the menu, look around the restaurant, and wonder why your order doesn’t show up.

Your order doesn’t show up because you never gave it to the waiter. He can’t go process your order because you leave him standing by your side – waiting to take your order – waiting to minister to you your order.

Angels are the same way. They are here to literally work for us. To minister healing, keep us safe (and not just as children), deliver us from harm, and more. Much much more. I’ve actually had angels “hold” a suit for Leland until he was ready to purchase it. But that’s a story for another day.

Today I want to share a story about ranching angels. I am going to give you an illustration of how my husband works with his angels. This hasn’t happened one time – it’s been more than a few dozen times.

It started when Leland needed a couple of calves brought into the corral. I believe it was to wean them but there have been so many incidents, I’m not sure which was first. Normally he’d have to go out into the field and wrangle them up into the corral – or try to separate them once they were there in the corral (if they show up in the first place).

That day he said, “Angels, I need (and he named the two calves) brought into the corral.” The next morning he fed the cattle (which he does in the corral). The cattle eat then they leave.

He was getting ready to leave the corral and just turned around for some reason. Standing there in the corral looking at him like “why are we here?” were the two specific calves he needed to work with. They hadn’t left the corral with the rest.

He ran over and closed the gate and thanked God for the help via the angels. Since that time he’s worked with his angels for many reasons dealing with the cattle. It has been such a supernatural time, learning that if you put your angels to work for you, they will work for you.

They are put here by God to work for you. Nothing is silly or too small for them to do for you. They are here FOR YOU. Why not put them to work? Think of ways – from protection to cattle, suits to bringing in buyers for your home that’s for sale.

Start utilizing your angels – if for no other reason, to go ahead and prepare the ways for you to arrive to destinations safely and get back home safely. That’s a good place to start – protection.

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  1. They will not polish your shoes since you can do that. I am the only person working the cattle and found that the angels were only waiting for me to give them something to do. Just recently a 1200 lb. cow got me down and was on top of me. My words consisted of get off me and the next thing I realized that the cow was gone. She was half way down the lane looking back at me lying there on the ground. Angels moved her. Notice they didn’t do anything until I spoke something. Also, I was not injured other than a couple of bruises.

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