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God Used His BIG Voice

hand of God

Leland and I have been walking in some new faith adventures. This requires more time spent in His Word than ever before.

We have Word going on all day in the house through our kitchen DVD player. We made our own DVD with messages from the teachers (ministers) we love and support. That’s made a huge difference in our lives.

We have been reading specific faith-based books written by the same ministers. We are also reading  biographical books by some very successful people such as Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, George Washington Carver, Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, and Thomas Edison!

We’ve been doing this for over a year and a half now – almost two.

talking curses
Talking Curses

One of the most important areas God has dealt with us about is the words of our mouth. I don’t mean curse words like 4-letter curse words. But talking curses such as, “I always get the flu this time of year!”  He has actually been dealing with us for years about our words. His take is like, “Don’t speak negatively and don’t talk sickness and disease.”

So for some reason one Saturday afternoon, we were looking at our finances, some changes that happened earlier in the year and the things we needed changed in our lives. We were NOT looking at them in a faith-filled way. We were actually sitting there talking about the facts of our life, some of the lack, some of the attacks, some of the betrayals – oh yeah, a real mullygrub fest.

This is NOT like us most of the time but we didn’t even “see” (or hear) what we were doing.

The next morning I was standing at the sink, minding my own business. Leland was in the living room putting on Faith Life Church on the television/internet. I don’t recall exactly what I was thinking but I’m sure it was something negative. All of a sudden I “heard” (not an audible voice) in my spirit, “WHAT IS THE TRUTH?”

Oh I could pretend I didn’t know what He was talking about. But no. He knows our hearts. I knew immediately what He was referring to because we’d been listening to it for quite a while.

We had listened online to, then purchased the download of, Bill Winston’s 2017 International Faith Conference. Bishop Tudor Bismark taught on The “IS” Factor – is. A little life-changing word. See information below.

The entire point is to ask yourself “What IS the Truth about what I’m seeing” (or hearing, feeling, knowing, etc.). The Truth IS what God says about a situation not what you are discerning with your 5 physical senses. You may have facts in your life but Truth trumps fact.

EXAMPLE: Your doctor may say to you, “You have this sickness and disease. It is incurable and you are stuck with it for the rest of your life, which may be cut short.”

What your doctor is saying is a “fact” – it is what he thinks he knows about you as your practitioner.

But the Truth trumps fact in a Christian’s life, so what is the Truth?  The Truth IS:  By His Stripes you are/were healed. There are many promises of healing in the Bible. He has promised you 120 years. That is the number of a man’s days. He promises long life until you are satisfied; then you can go if you want to. Life and Death are in the power of the tongue, i.e., what YOU speak.

There are far more scriptures available to trump the fact the doctor is trying to hand you. It is a BAD report so don’t buy into it.

God used His Big Voice on me because He needed to get my attention to shut my mouth. I had let my mouth run ahead of wisdom and was speaking stupid things. So was Leland so I went into the living room and told him, “God used His Big Voice on me! He said, ‘What IS the Truth!’” He also understood right away – shut your mouth then speak only what God says.

We both realize we’d given into a pity party and were whining and stating facts but not truth. We both repented and immediately spoke as many scriptures as possible that were the opposite of the so-called facts we’d been whining about. You could feel a change in the house atmosphere.

Now anytime either one of us says something stupid (non-scriptural), the other will say, “What IS the truth?” We then make a point of stopping, repenting and then speaking the Truth. God can work with the Truth; He can’t work with unbelief and world-facts.

Whatever is going on in your life right now that is contrary to the Word of God – ask yourself, WHAT IS THE TRUTH?? Then go find out what it IS!!

Isaiah 53:5
1 Peter 2:24
Genesis 6:3
Psalm 91:16
Proverbs 18:21
Proverbs 15:30


I highly recommend you order the teaching. It’s only about 30 minutes but it is life-changing. It’s available on under the Website then Store then Conferences. You can order and download (or purchase CDs and DVDs) of specific teachers. The Author would be: Kenneth Copeland and Bishop Tudor Bismark. The IS Factor is DIFC17-3 and the MP3 is MP3IFC17-5.

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  1. What is the truth question will open your eyes to what the enemy is telling you. We are only allowed the language of the Kingdom. Any other words will be agreeing with the circumstances in our lives and they will not change for the better.

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