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Calling Those Things That Be Not

…and calleth those things which be not
as though they were.
Romans 4:17b

If you’re like me, you probably didn’t really understand what this scripture meant when you first read it. King James English sometimes leaves something to be desired. You actually can become more confused reading that version simply because of language differences – they spoke completely differently than we do now, and the original meaning of some words has been lost through time.

Dost thou understandeth? No? Well, here are some other Bible translations that might make it more easy to understand:

with a word make something out of nothing. (Message)

and whose command brings into being what did not exist. (GNB)

and calls into existence the things that do not exist. (ESV)

and speaks of the nonexistent things that [He has foretold and promised] as if they [already] existed. (AMPC)

One of the meanings of the word calleth or call is to summons. God summoned things into existence – like how He created light and dry land – He summoned it forth. He called it into existence when it didn’t exist. It did not exist in the *natural realm world. It did exist in God’s world, the spirit realm.

God called into existence, out of the spirit realm into the natural realm. The great news about this is that we can do this, too. In fact, Jesus said that whatever we know God did, we can do, only greater!

This is why the words of our mouth are so vital. What we speak creates, good or bad. Imagine yourself summoning whatever you say. Think about saying, “That just tickles me to death!” Then imagine summoning that death to you, being tickled to death.

Sure, that makes you smile, makes you think, “That’s silly!” Well, that’s exactly what your enemy wants you to think – that your words don’t matter, especially if they are said in a joking manner! But make it something more serious like, “Cancer runs in my family; I’ll get it, too.” Doesn’t sound so silly now, is it.

So what are some good ways you can call into existence things that don’t exist? Think about sickness and disease. You “feel” sick, like you have the flu. If you don’t want the flu that seems to exist in your body right now, you call – or summons – healing. The truth is you have been promised health and healing, so you have a right to call yourself healed.

Or take prosperity. Your bills might be talking to you, loudly, “YOU ARE BROKE.” But again the truth: you have been promised prosperity, having your needs and wants met. You have the right to summons prosperity, to call your checking account full and overflowing. To say you are out of debt and your needs are met.

With both healing and prosperity, saying what God says about it is FAR better than summonsing the opposite – which is what most of us are doing. “Oh man, I have the flu” or “I am living paycheck to paycheck and have nothing left over.”

It is time to “call things that be not as to they were” – and calls into existence the things that do not exist in your natural realm, right now. It may not come instantly but that is where faith and patience comes in. You will change your world in a good way, standing on His words and now your own!

You have His word on it!

god's protection


*(Natural: 5 physical senses)

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  1. That is very good. I like the other translations. It helps me understand what they are saying. Makes it real clear and now that I have understanding I can stand in faith.

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