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Don’t Take Ownership of Problems

Many years ago, I was watching Minister Benny Hinn during a healing meeting. He said something that stuck with me ever since. (Paraphrase)  After an excellent sermon, he prayed. There was a woman in a wheelchair who’d been brought up on the stage. She hadn’t walked in years. She’d been prayed for many times to… Read More Don’t Take Ownership of Problems

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How to Know God’s Voice, #2

This is NOT meant to be a “be all, end all, this is THE answer” because there are many ways to develop in knowing God’s voice. (Post redeux refurbished from a previous post in 2023) *Ring Ring* Hello? Hi. What are you doing? Who is this? What do you mean, ‘who is this’? What kind… Read More How to Know God’s Voice, #2

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Do You Think God Makes Junk?

Do you have ANY idea what Masterpiece means? What it means to you? In the world, masterpieces are things like the Mona Lisa or The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci. Or The Sistine Chapel’s ceiling by Michelangelo. One dictionary says about a masterpiece:  a consummate example… of excellence  I read a minister who stated that “workmanship”… Read More Do You Think God Makes Junk?