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matchstick fire

This is a saying they teach people who may be dealing with fire – you stop running, drop to the ground and roll. Rolling puts flames out. Running around in a panic gets you engulfed in those flames, creating a bigger problem.

1 Peter 5:7 states, “Casting all your care upon him; for He careth for you.” A combination of other translations puts it like this:

Casting (give all, leave all, put all, turn all, roll all) your cares (anxieties, troubles, problems, worries, concerns) upon Him (GIVE THEM TO HIM), because He cares (is interested in, it matters to Him) for or about you.

In others words, this means EVERYTHING. ALL. If anything is bothering you, or you have problems you can’t fix, or things are going wrong in your life – GIVE them to God because He will fix it.

One preacher said it this way – throw everything up to God; He’ll catch them and won’t hand them back to you. BUT if you choose to take those cares back on yourself, i.e., you begin worrying again, He has to let them go. That means you took the problems back, out of God’s hands and back into your own.

So where does the title come in?

It is something God gave me during a time when I was stressing, worried, NOT giving Him all my problems. I was feeling really low when He said, “This would be a good time to stop, drop and roll.”

Huh?Word Stop Sign

STOP: Stop focusing on the problem. Stop talking about it. Stop fretting and worrying. It’s a total dead end and won’t get you anywhere.

cowboy prayer

DROP: Drop to your knees and pray. Repent for not having faith that God will take care of you. Spend some time worshipping God. Spend some time reading your Bible in the areas that will encourage you that He is faithful. Then tell God that from now on, you are going to:

man in praise

ROLL: Roll every single care over onto Him. Throw them up to Him. Give Him your problems. Tell Him you are turning everything over to Him and getting them out of your own hands. You can’t fix anything anyway.

After you’ve done this, spend more time in His Word through Podcasts, Videos, CD’s, DVD’s, books, youtube, any place you can find good faith-based teaching. A good minister will always leave you feeling hopeful, full of faith, encouraged, and with a confidence that you know God better than you did before!

He IS faithful. He knows just what to do. He’s just waiting for you to give Him those problems so He can fix it for you.

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