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Elegance & Tea: Blessed

In studying the story of Abimelech king of Gerar in Genesis 20 when he took Abraham’s wife Sarah (he was told she was Abraham’s sister, which she was but wasn’t), to make her his wife, you learn Abraham made a big mistake. In telling Abimelech that Sarah was (only) his sister, Abimelech was led to believe she was free to take as a wife.

So because Abraham deceived Abimelech (out of fear), Abimelech was in trouble with God. God came to Abimelech in a dream by night, and said to him, “Behold, thou art but a dead man, for the woman which thou hast taken; for she is a man’s wife (v. 3).” Something we’d all love to hear from God – NOT.

Abimelech pointed out that (1) he didn’t know and (2) he hadn’t touched her yet.  Because God kept the King from touching her and realized he didn’t know Abraham lied, He said, “Give her back and you will live.”  So the King did.

There is a big lesson here – Abraham lied, got his wife taken by a King who was going to marry her, and in general. screwed up. YET! No matter that he messed up, he was still a BLESSED man. Blessed when he messed up. Blessed when he didn’t mess up.  UNCONDITIONALLY BLESSED.

This is good news for us. There is NOTHING we can do to stopped us from being blessed. We are blessed just as much as we are either male or female, black or white (or….), or other things we can’t naturally change.

We are blessed simply because God says we are blessed. Period. You can’t stop it. So why not start walking in that blessing? Why not realized how you are so blessed, nothing can stop that blessing? Quit feeling condemned when you mess up? Repent and go on!

You mess up? God will protect you. Why? Because you are blessed!!


If you are a tea drinker (or not), why not set time aside during this holiday season and take time for you & God? Fix a pot of tea or coffee, or your fave drink, make a little snack, find a QUIET corner – turn off or set aside ALL electronics, no interruptions – and just sit. Quietly.

Contemplate God’s goodness in your life thus far. Everyone has something they can think of that shows how God has taken care of them. Thank Him. Worship Him. Love on Him. Sing to Him.

Then just sit and meditate for a few minutes (no talking, just sit and think).  It doesn’t take long. Just relax. Then you can get up refreshed and take on the rest of your world.  (You can actually do this at work on your break. Maybe not all of it but sit still for a few minutes, thank God for His goodness).


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