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Some Days You Dance

some days you dance

This book. Oh my. What can I say about this book?

I can say that I am very amazed the author lived to tell this tale. Talk about an extremely dysfunctional childhood.

I can also say that she spent her first 25 years in ministry totally messing up her life because of her extremely dysfunctional childhood.

I can also say that this is not a book that is really about those two topics except in the sense of how God helped her to learn how much He wanted her free and wanted her to live a totally JOY-FULL life.

She shares how we all need to realize how much the enemy steals from our lives beginning in our childhood. She shares how to get set free.

The bad she shares explains so much about what our enemy does and how he does it – and how it affects us. Except for God’s mercy and grace, many of us will go to our graves never fulfilling God’s call on our lives because of things that hold us back.

This is not a depressing book. I bet you that you will recognize some things in yourself that Mrs. Burke found in herself. I know I did.

Mrs. Burke writes in such a humorous way about such non-humorous topics. The saying, “You may as well laugh or all you will do is cry” fits.

The way she expresses herself is blunt, funny, honest, and refreshing.  This is a quick read because you won’t want to put it down. Parts of it read like a bestselling fiction novel. But it’s all true.

Once I finished the book, I knew I needed to read it again. I felt so totally uplifted and set free in so many areas. It truly is a book all Christians need to read because too many lead such unhappy lives without hope.

Most Christians feel guilty and condemned even though they know they are forgiven. It’s rare to see Christians walking in freedom and confidence (and not the phoney-church face). Happy and Joyful.

It took guts to expose her past like she did. It takes guts to be totally free and child-like in God’s presence.  I double-dog Scooby-Do dare you to read this book and not be changed.

2 thoughts on “Some Days You Dance

  1. I read it and found that I to needed to make changes to only do and take on things that God has told me to do. Anything else added on is a people pleaser and full of stress.

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