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What is FEAR?

More than anything during this time of the Covid-19 virus, people have learned how quickly FEAR can cause chaos and trouble. Just another day in the devil’s playground.

There is something neat to think about that word FEAR. It can be used as an acronym. The word is to Satan what FAITH is to God, but if we use it as an acronym, realty reigns.

The World War II word RADAR, which is commonly used, is actually an acronym for “radio detection and ranging.”  So take FEAR. The dictionary defines fear as “an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat”.

That definition is the one the devil wants you to focus on. He wants you to focus on emotions and feelings of terror, fearfulness, alarm, panic, dread, or horror. And if you give in to fear, fear will swamp your emotions and overtake you.

BUT! If you put fear into perspective – an acronym – you will see the truth. FEAR is simply this:

FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL. If you believe the Bible, if you believe that what God has to say is truth, and if you believe what God says is true and everything the devil says is a lie – then FEAR is a LIE. Fear is faith in the Devil’s ability. Fear may FEEL real, but it isn’t. It’s false.

FEAR NOT – do NOT fear – because FEAR puts you in the devil’s playground (where he can beat you up). Do not trust in FEAR, not matter what it looks like or feels like. If God says to FEAR NOT then you can and are able to FEAR NOT because God won’t tell you to do something you can’t.

The opposite of FEAR is FAITH. When you have faith in God, then you know every single thing is going to be a-okay. It is going to be all right! Trust God. Trust Him with your job, your business, your finances, your life.

Faith is never false – it’s very real. Believe God!!

2 thoughts on “What is FEAR?

  1. Good word, Nan. We are living in a time where we must cast down every thought and imagination that would allow fear to rule in our minds. Thank you. Love you, my friend.

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