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LIDT: Speak to the Mountain (Problem)

A year or so ago, I learned that I had been neglecting a form of prayer. What really stinks is that what I learned has been in the Bible all along.  

As Christians, we pray to the Father in Jesus name. That’s scriptural. We often go to God about our problems, asking Him to “fix it” or to “do something”.  Yet Jesus told us to do something about it. Remember “speak to the mountain and it will be removed?” (Matthew 17:20)

Several times in the Bible Jesus SPOKE to the problem and rebuked it, especially in the area of sickness and disease. It goes along with taking and using OUR authority.

Jesus spoke to fever, closed ears and blind eyes. He spoke to disease. He rebuked the fever of Simon’s mother and the fever left her. Jesus gave orders to a physical condition. Instead of praying to the Father about the fever, He spoke to the fever. He spoke to the problem.

He rebuked wind and raging water. He said to the wind and water, “Peace be still” and it calmed. He spoke to a fig tree and basically commanded it to die. It did.

He rebuked mouthy, whining “foul spirits” demanding they come out of people – and they did. No spinning heads and vomiting green stuff (shades of The Exorcist and no I did not watch it). 

The word “rebuke” can be translated to censure or forbid. This is one of the ways that Jesus ministered healing. Because Jesus is our example, we can do what He did, for others and for ourselves.

We have this same authority. Remember JESUS said in John 14:12, Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father.

In the times we live in, it is important to know that we have the authority and right to speak TO fever, inflammation, storms, unclean spirits – basically anything Jesus rebuked, we can rebuke. 

I challenge you to get a good Bible concordance (see one below) and look up the word “rebuked” in the New Testament. See what Jesus spoke to. Read the stories behind it. 

Then YOU take your authority and walk like Jesus walked.

A few chapters to start you off. You read the chapter and find where Jesus spoke:

Matthew 17
Luke 4, several instances including fever and storms
Luke 9
Mark 9

Excellent FREE study software and concordance eSword – is free; different translations cost to add on although some are free. (Not for Android yet, but for PC, laptop, iPhone, etc.)

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  1. Good stuff right here! Thanks! I have downloaded esword. I appreciate you sending the link, and I look forward to using it. Hugs . . .

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