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Never Mind; God is Good!

Right after I posted the last post about a hiatus, God showed me I was not believing big enough.

I sort of jumped ahead to type that post instead of completely trusting in God. I was being cautious. Cautious is another word for “lack of faith”.

I had asked God for the finances for the website. Because I did not get cash, I thought I didn’t have an answer. I forgot about favor.

Once I began dealing with the businesses, He immediately gave me favor.  The hosting company had a cheaper plan that worked for me. The email company, the one who sends you the email of a new post, gave me such favor, they are letting me pay out the price. They don’t normally do this.

I will leave you with a little conversation I had with my son. Earlier, I had asked him to agree with me about the finances. Then I told him what the companies did for me and said that all of this happened AFTER I posted the hiatus post.

“Why would you ask me to agree and then post that you were leaving?”


Oh Nan of little faith!

3 thoughts on “Never Mind; God is Good!

  1. I will always love that you’re real. God is so good and perfects everything that concerns us. Love you❣️

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