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Your Mistakes: None of the Devil’s Business

When my son Joshua was born my mother came to the hospital and gave me an Amplifiwd Bible. Inside the cover she had written,  “Even our mistakes are none of the devils business”

I still have that Bible. Josh was born 40 years ago last year (2022). I wish I could say that I’ve never forgotten that saying but I have had moments where I let the devil nag me, “Look what you did. If people knew you thought that, did that, messed that up (fill in the blank) they would lose all respect for you, think you’re terrible, a loser, etc.”

The devil so loves to haunt us with our past mistakes. He loves to make us feel guilty because “we blew it” from lying to worse. We feel like people will judge us if they knew (like they’ve never made mistakes).

NEWSFLASH:  If it’s none of the devil’s business then it’s no one else’s business either. God has forgiven you and what He has forgiven you of is no ones business.

You are clean in His eyes. It sometimes takes time and faith to believe that. As humans, we tend to dwell because of who is whispering in our ear.

You grow into believing you’re clean and forgiven by spending time in the Word (Bible). That will help you know God, His character and His unfailing Love for you.

He doesn’t judge you or think badly of you. He doesn’t remember past mistakes (Hebrews 8:12). He removes them from you “… as far as the east is from the west” (Psalm 103:12)

I recently read this:  God says:  “I accepted you even when you were far from Me. Now you need to accept who you are!”


Oh yeah, And tell the devil to shut up and leave you alone. You are not listening to him any more!