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Hinderances to Healing #3: Disobedience

There are different ways to be disobedient. Remember your enemy?  Never underestimate his craftiness and his desire to trick you into disobeying God, often without even realizing it.

Deception is his forté and yes, he excels at it. Unless!  You have to know the Word and what God says. The more you know, then the more you know when the devil is lying to you.

My pastor knew a woman who went into a sketchy downtown area to minister to people. She was beaten up and robbed. When he visited her in the hospital, she was very upset that this had happened to her. 

She exclaimed, “I ever quoted the Psalm 91 protection scripture before I left the house!”

The pastor continued to gently question her. Finally she admitted that she felt inside that she shouldn’t go to this area that day. 

Because she quoted scripture, she thought she would be fine. The pastor explained that just because she quoted the Bible, that doesn’t override what He said. She disregarded God’s warning to her.

This story is closer to home.  My mom was an avid jogger. Living in the country, she had a dirt road she jogged down. 

One day she got ready to go jogging and noticed the road had just been freshly graveled. They used unusually larger rocks instead of the usual very much smaller ones.

She took note and confessed Psalm 91:11-12:  For He shall give His angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways.  They shall bear you up in their hands, lest you dash your foot against a stone. 

Then, because of the new rocks, she jogged on the side of the road instead of down the middle. A little way into her routine, she twisted her ankle on a rock, slipped and feel into the ditch. She reached out to stop the fall… and broke her wrist. 

She was mad at God. She was telling Him how she had quoted the scripture about not stubbing her toe.  He was very gentle with her when He asked, “Eddie, what is the last thing I told you before you left the house?”

She grimaced and was honest. “You told me not to go jogging today. I overrode You thinking that if I quoted a protection scripture, I’d be fine.”

It pays to obey. It pays to be sensitive to His Voice.

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