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You Are Worthy of God’s Love NOW

A friend and I were talking about our Christian walk. We were both surprised to learn that God had been dealing with the both of us recently about His love, mercy and grace.

We both had always felt we didn’t measure up to God’s love. We had both been saved for YEARS yet we felt we didn’t do enough to really be loved by God. We always felt inadequate. We felt not worthy enough or good enough.

We always felt we fell short of God’s approval. We felt less than.

The funny thing is that neither of us could figure out where these wrong throughs or beliefs came from – other than the devil. We could not pinpoint one teaching or preaching that led us to believe this about ourselves.

I don’t know her story but I know that late last year I realized that I was operating in works. I really had no understanding of the magnitude of God’s love for me.

I did not realize that I didn’t have to DO anything to earn His love. I didn’t have to DO anything to be worthy. 

How did I learn this? It was through a question God asked me.

It was very simple. He asked, “Do you believe the Blood of Jesus was enough?”

He also pointed out that Jesus shed that Blood to wipe out my sins but also that Blood MADE me worthy. His Blood was not just shed for me to go to Heaven. It was shed for my salvation. The word salvation means rescue, deliverance, health, prosperity, restoration, and much more.

If I did nothing else but ask Jesus into my heart, to be my Savior and to believe He died for me, that is enough. I don’t have to live a perfect life. I just have to believe.

Ask God to explain and show you His love. You will be surprised at how powerful that love is. You will understand that you don’t have to earn that love. You don’t have to do anything but ACCEPT that love.

Believe you are worthy of God’s love – because you are.  Learn to rest in that love. You are loved the second you accepted Jesus. Actually, God loved you before that because He gave His Son to die for you. You are loved. Now. 

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