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A Good “But” With God

A couple of weeks ago I posted about how we, as Christians, can let our “but” get in the way of believing God.

Several years ago I learned something about the word “but”. The person made the statement that this word zeroed out everything that came before it. 

I wrote a poet about it – Love Ain’t Got No Buts” – basically saying if someone tells you “I love you but…” whatever they say after the word “but” cancels out the “I love you” they said.

I recently heard a short sermon that opened my eyes to a good “but”.

Whatever things are wrong that you are facing, you can say “BUT I trust You God”.

I may have sickness symptoms BUT I trust You God” that I am the healed. I was.

It’s like when Leland died and I was stranded in Texas.  I didn’t know what to do or the first step to take. I prayed “BUT I trust You God”.  I trusted Him to help me. He did and saw me through it.

I was facing financial issues. BUT I trust You God” to bring me solutions (and He has).

No matter what, put your trust in God. Ask Him for help. Ask Him to show you the way.  Something will happen to lead you when you say “BUT I trust You God”!

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