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LIDT: Discernment and Obedience

Some people ask, “Leland believed in healing and health; how could he have died?” Some assume it means the Bible doesn’t work for everyone, doesn’t work all the time or doesn’t work at all. Not so. One man’s death does not null and void the Bible. The Bible is ALWAYS true so if something fails,… Read More LIDT: Discernment and Obedience

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LITD: God, With You Wherever You Go

Monday I talked about how God is with you. You would think this was an easy concept to understand. But no. It really isn’t. Tuesday I had a mini-melt down. I began whining. I began the  “who what when where why” act. You know – “where are we supposed to live?” and “have we missed… Read More LITD: God, With You Wherever You Go