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Are You Truly Thankful?

Today in the USA, we celebrate Thanksgiving. I’m not going to get into explanations of Native Americans and Pilgrims – Google it. I just want to ask a question of you about true thankfulness. Are you? Really Thankful? Most people say, “Yes!” because it’s expected of them on this day. It would almost seem sacrilegious… Read More Are You Truly Thankful?

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Christmas: Slow Down

Tis the season… to be peaceful!  No stressing allowed! Less of this: And more of this: and this: which comes from spending time like this: One of my favorite songs in ’60’s by Simon and Garfunkel stated, “Slow down, you move too fast, you got to make the morning last.” During Christmas season, everyone seems to be… Read More Christmas: Slow Down

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Dysfunctional Christmas Memories

When my son was 11, we all went to a Faith convention in Texas and stayed in a room with a small refrigerator.  At that time, my son was so in love with chicken strips, he ordered them everywhere we ate.  One evening, he wasn’t able to finish his strips so he asked for a to-go… Read More Dysfunctional Christmas Memories