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Just Say Merry Christmas

The trend to say Happy Holidays and not Merry Christmas is ridiculous. They – whoever “they” are – don’t want to offend people by hearing you say Merry Christmas.

I don’t mind if people say Happy Holidays – I do mind when they won’t allow me to say Merry Christmas without a fuss or saying I’m politically incorrect. WHAT? So I always make a point of saying Merry Christmas. I don’t do it to be offensive. I do it because I am grateful for the birth of my Savior.

The problem starts when they try to force me into their mold. Without the meaning behind Christmas, no one would be celebrating Christmas, anyway. There would be no reason to greet people in any way.

Christmas is celebrating the birth of Jesus.  The word Christmas literally meaning Christ’s Mass. 

Yes, people celebrate it as a time for Santa Claus and giving gifts. That’s their prerogative. 

Say Happy Holidays all you want to. Leave MY meaning behind Christmas alone. I will always say Merry Christmas, simply because I love Jesus and I’m glad He was born.

4 thoughts on “Just Say Merry Christmas

  1. I agree! Merry Christmas to all. If it was not for Jesus you wouldn’t have Easter either. I am thankful for Jesus.

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