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LITD: Vindication and Justice

There was a time when the devil thought he won a huge victory. He was celebrating his victory. He was telling his minions about his victory. He was bragging about his victory. He was smug in his victory. And then three day’s later he heard:

OK, OK, I guess Jesus didn’t go to the devil and his minions and say what this character from this film* said. Aliens had attacked earth. The clip you see is of a character who had stated that 10 years prior, he’d been abducted by aliens. No one believed him. This is the final scene before he gleefully goes into the main alien ship to destroy it.

If you’ve followed me for awhile, you know God often talks to me through movies, books and other tidbits of life. While watching some the unbelievable corruption being exposed in the United States, God reminded me of this scene from that movie. He reminded me that the devil had once before believed he’d won the victory over righteousness (Jesus). And three days later the devil was proven wrong. 

There is only one point to the Living in Dangerous Times post today – do not forget this particular one of your benefits!

Psalm 103:6: “The LORD works vindication and justice for all who are oppressed” (RSV).

Oh, and don’t forget Psalm 91:11 [TPT]  “God sends angels with special orders to protect you wherever you go, defending you from all harm”.

It is important to pray these two scriptures over yourself and every person who stands for what is right, from the President down to anyone who took a chance and spoke out about corruption. Many were persecuted (and some were beaten). They need protection from the evil trying to take over God’s America. Some who took a stand are not necessarily Christians. They also need to be protected so they can become so! 

Start confessing those two scriptures every morning over yourself and others. Speaking scripture verses is a prayer.

Only Believe.  (It’s not over)

Matthew 9:29 

Luke 1:38

*Independence Day“, a 1996 science fiction film staring Will Smith

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  1. I like that. I also hear the Holy Spirit from movies. I recall finding Nemo and Dori kept saying “just keep swimming”. At a point I was asking a question and when I heard that line it just exploded in me as what I needed to do. Just keep swimming, just keep moving. Now this “hello boys I am back” just rings though me that He will and never has left me nor forsaken me.

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