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Christmas Slow Down 2023

‘Tis the season… to be peaceful!  No stressing allowed! Less shopping, less trying for perfection, less cooking, less baking – if it takes away from enjoying the holiday make things like that less important. And for sure, less worrying about what others (including children) will think. This is the season of LOVE, not stress. More… Read More Christmas Slow Down 2023

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Hindrances to Healing #2

In the first part of Hinderances to Healing, “You Can Lose Your Healing” I talked about Lack of Faith. There is so much more to that but I will come back to that later. Hindrance Number 2: False Teaching: The problem with false teaching is that it can sometimes SOUND right. Sometimes a trusted minister… Read More Hindrances to Healing #2

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You Can Lose Your Healing

Pardon me for taking so long to post. I was having computer problems. I mentioned last time that there are things that can hinder healing. Many times we are taught about healing but we are not taught what can stop it.  I’ve been researching that. Come to find out, there are several things that hinder… Read More You Can Lose Your Healing

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Is It Always God’s Will to Heal?

Is it God‘s will to heal everyone today? You really need to settle that question before you can have confidence that God is always for our healing. If you don’t settle it, it’s sometimes hard to receive healing. And the enemy will convince you to believe the opposite. You also have to settle that there… Read More Is It Always God’s Will to Heal?