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Feeding Frenzy

“When all is said and done, more is said than done.”
Lou Holtz

A basic tenet of faith is this:

God never fails.

God’s Word never fails.

God never makes mistakes.

Say those three sentences aloud several times. God never fails. God’s Word never fails.  God never makes mistakes.  God never fails.  God’s Word never fails.  God never makes mistakes. EVER.

Another truth is that most of us Christians are starving to death.  In the natural realm, our bodies need food to sustain life.  We eat to live.  Our body requires nutrition to survive and to continue to function properly.  Otherwise our body will be weak and eventually fail us.

In the spiritual realm, our spiritual self, which is who we are, needs food to sustain life.  We need spiritual food to live.  Our spiritual self rquires nurtition to survive and to continue to function properly.  Otherwise our spiritual self will be weak and fail us.

When we got saved (born again), our spiritual selves were transormed from darkness to light – not our physical selves.  So many of us try to function as “new creatures” without nutrition.  We try to “have faith” based on feelings, experience, hope, a’wishin, praying, hollering at God, and just about EVERYTHING but sitting down to the dinner table and eating enough to develop, mature, grow, and build up faith.

There is only ONE way faith comes (develops, grows) – by hearing the Word of God.  Hearing here implies the act – in other words, it is not a one time thing.  It is an action = doing.  Hearing can also imply understanding.

Hearing isn’t just sitting in church on Sunday and listening to the preacher.  Hearing is getting that Word down into your spirit through reading the Bible and faith-based books; listening to faith-based teaching CD’s and teachers on television or radio.  Hearing is getting up a little earlier in the morning and spending time reading a faith-based devotional and chatting with God.

Hearing is also knowing – knowledge – of what God has said about something (like sickness, disease, poverty, destruction – hint: He’s against it all).  And that knowing only comes from hearing!

So if you’re having trouble believing God for something – get into a feeding frenzy.  Feed on the Word of God.  Have the Word going all day long.  Have teaching CD’s going while you’re cleaning house.  Read a good faith-based devotional every morning before you start your day.  Get into the specific scriptures that deal with what you want to believe God for – healing, prosperity, peace, wholeness.  Do a study program.

Put the Word into your heart to the point that it is your reality.  Feed until you know that you know that you know God’s Word is the truth and everything else is a lie. His Word will become more real and have more authority in your life than whatever problem you are facing – see, feel, hear!

Then you will have God’s kind of faith – the faith that gets answers and victory everytime!