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God is in the Smallest Details

hand of God

God has been seen as some high-in-the-sky judge who doesn’t get involved in our lives except to punish us (not so).  Others believe He only cares about salvation and nothing else (also not so).

God cares about the smallest detail in your life.  If it is important to you, it is important to Him.  We are often taught that God has much more important things to deal with than our petty little life details.  NOT so.  He cares about every single thing in your life.

The Bible says He knows the number of hairs on your head. If that is so, how can He not also be interested in everything that interests you?  He loves us far more than we seem to realize. 

radio, oldThe other night I discovered my satellite radio had added a “Love Songs” channel.  I put it on and a very romantic oldie (Endless Love) from the 80’s came on.   Leland and I dropped everything and began dancing a slow dance right there in the dining room.  It was so romantic but it also brought tears to my eyes when thinking about our first slow dance 20 plus years ago.

I imagine you are wondering what slow dancing has to do with God caring about the smallest detail in our lives.  Let me tell you a story of God’s goodness.

The first Christmas after we were married, Leland’s office had a Christmas party at the local country club.  There was a live band and dancing.  When the slow songs came on, we danced every one.  It was a very romantic time and one I enjoyed very much with my new husband.

little boy dancing

Here is the important part:  By his own admission, Leland could not slow dance.  He had two left feet. He wanted to impress his new wife so he prayed and asked God to help him, to teach him how to slow dance well enough that he could dance with his new wife.  When we danced that evening, it was smooth and it was everything a woman dreams of when dancing with the man she loves.

If God cares enough to teach a man how to slow dance with his wife, imagine how much He cares about every other little detail in your life.  What is it you need?

“…you have not because you ask not” (James 4:2).

When your heart is in the right place, there is nothing you can ask God for that He won’t provide, including dancing lessons!

If you will only let Him in, God cares about and wants to help you with every little detail in your life.

Sharing God’s goodness with you…


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  1. Very true. We need to let Him take care of those little things then we will be experienced and able to trust Him with big things in our lives otherwise we probably won’t trust Him in the big things.

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