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A Few Truths About Angels

angel gladiator
Angel Gladiator

Angel’s are sent forth as ministering spirits to minister to heirs of salvation (think of a waiter or an attendant).

As children, you have angels which are popularly called “guardian angels” but actually are just those same ministering spirits (Matt. 18:10, Ps. 34:7, Acts 12:15). They don’t go away as you grow up.

God gave His angels the assignment of guarding you – to keep you safe in everything we do, to protect us. Of course, you have to believe that.

God sends angels before you, to keep you safe and bring you to the place He prepared for you… someplace God wanted you to be. That is why it is important to be in the right place at the right time. We confess that daily, that we are always in the right place at the right time.

Angels encamp around those of you who “fear” (reverence) God, and they deliver you from trouble. Studying the word “encamp” made it look like they pitched tents around you, surrounding you so no one can get to you!

Angels can work physical acts in our natural world – they shut the lions’ mouths for Daniel so they didn’t hurt him. They opened the prison cell doors. One “kicked” or “hit with the side of his sword” Peter to wake him up to lead him out of prison.

Angels only promote the good news of Jesus and give God the glory – otherwise they are not from God. So if an “angel” comes to you and doesn’t ever mention Jesus or God, watch out! You are not “entertaining” an angel.

Angels can be sent to kill someone who does not give God the glory (this was this [Herod’s] man’s lifestyle – not a one time mistake). Don’t be afraid, that’s not you!

Angels can manifest (make themselves seen) to you – you may have entertained them unaware when you entertained a stranger – helped someone or someone stopped and helped you.

Animals can see angels – remember Balaam’s donkey. He also opened the spiritual eyes of Balaam so he also saw the angel his donkey saw.

There are an innumerable (unable to number) companies (armies) of angels. And think of a 14′ tall warrior.

Jesus alone could have called 12 legions of angels.  A legion is an army of 20,000 – so He could have called 240,000 angels to help him.

How do angels work for us? Psalms 103:20 – they excel in strength when they do his commandments – they listen to the voice of His Word.  How do they hear the voice of His Word?  YOU have to give it voice – to quote the scriptures.  They are ONLY activated by the Word of God, not negative confessions.

Ecclesiastes 5:6 is very strong in stating that you should NOT allow your mouth to cause your flesh to sin – don’t say something stupid in front of your angel then exclaim, “I made a mistake, I didn’t mean that!” Negative confessions (saying anything contrary to what God has said in the Bible) stop your angels and causes the manifestation of what you are believing for to stop.

Those are just a few tidbits out of the Bible for you to think about.  I didn’t give you most of the scriptures because you need to do your own digging in the Bible – looking up ministering spirit, spirits, angel, angels – using a Strong’s Concordance, it helps.

It is fascinating how little we know about angels because we never really studied it. Most of us think of them as the cute little drawings of cherubs (fat babies with tiny angel wings). Not so; cherubs exist but are always around the throne of God.  They are not cute little babies.

I know years ago when I began studying about angels, I came across an article that stated that “guardian angels” are probably bored because we never give them anything to do.  They can’t minister to us, attend to us, because we don’t even really act like they exist!

I read stories of how people began to assign angels to protect their property, their children on special trips, to go ahead of them on a vacation and prepare the way of safety, to surround and protect them, or to guard something. I heard of one man who knew God wanted him to buy a certain property so he assigned angels to “hold” it for him while he secured funding for it.  Many people tried to purchase the land but it never worked out.

I began to take angels literally.  I’ll tell you of two incidents – nothing deep and heavy – to give you an idea of what we are missing when we don’t work with our angels, to allow them to minister to us.  I began assigning them as protection around the property and things like that, but decided to get more specific.

One incident was when we were looking at suits for Leland.  He felt it wasn’t time to purchase a suit and I was adamant that the particular suit he’d tried on was perfect for him.  My concern was that it would be gone when he decided to get one, and I really liked this suit on him.

So I “assigned” an angel to guard and hide the suit until we had an opportunity to come back.  When he was ready to purchase, we returned and there were only two suits left hanging on the rack.  There had been over 50 in various sizes when we were first in the store.  I picked up the first suit; it was not his size.  I picked up the second suit; it was the exact same suit I had asked the angels to guard and hide for me.

How do I know?  In the suits that were his size, this particular one had a small crease in the flap in the back of the jacket.  It looked as if it had been steamed wrong. Of all the suits, this was the only one that had the crease in it.  It was the same suit he’d tried on. I was so amazed (I don’t know why since I’d asked for help, but that’s humans for you!).  I just stood there, holding that suit and thinking, “Man, God loves us so much, angels will even guard a suit so you can buy it three months later!”

There are several incidents like that, but this second one is even more “supernatural”, if you will.  The one thing we enjoyed in our previous home was the ability to purchase fresh milk and eggs.  So we believe God that wherever we go, we have the ability to purchase fresh milk and eggs.

The first few years at this home we are currently in, we were blessed to develop a relationship with the Mennonite community and always have access to fresh milk, eggs, chickens, pork, etc. Then the two families we worked with moved out of state and we were without.  We found a lady who sold eggs, but Leland was without his fresh milk.

One day he came into the house from his office and asked me if I’d seen anyone drive up to the house. My office windows face both the driveway and the parking area so if anyone had driven up here, I’d have seen them.  I told him no, and he showed me a hand-written note.

On it was written, “Milk, Debbie and phone number” – of a lady in a town 30 minutes away. At the time it would be on his way home, off the interstate about 10 minutes, then back on. The note had been tucked under his windshield wiper blade on his Hummer, parked in the parking area outside my office window.

He called the number and sure enough, the lady sold fresh milk. All of us tried to figure out how that paper got on his Hummer. We didn’t have people we knew in common, we hadn’t mentioned our need for milk to anyone, no one had come up the driveway to put that note on the Hummer – we were stymied. Two years later, we never did figure out how her name and number got written on a note and put on his Hummer.

We finally had to chalk it up as angels. There is no other way that piece of paper could have been put under the wiper blade when no one came down our long driveway, no one was in our parking area, no one was near his Hummer.  We live in the country; it would have been obvious if someone had driven on our property. It could only have been angels, bringing him a note with milk information because he’d expressed to God that he would like some fresh milk.

Things like that happen all the time in our lives.  From super-
natural protection while driving on the interstate in rain to a simple note put under a windshield wiper. Angels will work for you, too, especially if you believe God sends angels to minister to you in every area of your life.  They are not only sent to protect you; they are sent as an attendant, sent to minister (attend) to you. It is part of your heritage as a believer.

They are here to bring the promises of God to you on His behalf. That’s how much He loves us, that He cares about every little detail in our lives.  The only reason the miraculous things in the Bible aren’t happening now days is unbelief. You have to believe God and His Word before His Word will work for you!

Start believing in your angels and give them something to do!

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  1. That was awesome. To think that God loves us so much He assigned angels to us when we were born. Must mean we are really important to God and then He sent His son to redeem us. That is a lot of love from our Father.

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