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Safe Zone or Panic Room?

(A retake of previous post)

There was a 2002 movie called, “Panic Room.” The story was about a woman and her daughter who purchased an apartment that came equipped with a panic room. When bad guys break into the apartment looking for a hidden cache of money, the mother and daughter lock themselves into the panic room for protection.

panic room
Panic Room Behind Bookshelf

A panic room is a fortified room which is installed in a private residence or business to provide a safe hiding place for the inhabitants in the event of a break-in, home invasion or other threat. The room usually contains communication equipment so that the law enforcement authorities can be contacted. There may also be a monitor for external security cameras and an alarm system. Safe rooms are typically stocked with basic emergency and survival items.


The premise of the panic room is that you will be “safe” from criminals because it is a room so secure, no one can get into it unless you allow it.

During Bible study, I came across the Word that reminded me of this movie and made me see something I want to share with you.

psalm 91

Psalm 91 talks about a “secret place”. Researching the word “secret place” helps you better understand what the psalmist meant when he wrote those words:  You are under the protection of the Most High. It is a hiding place, a covert place, a protection place; a shelter; all that conceals or hides.

Sounds an awful lot like a “panic” room, doesn’t it!? But here’s another thing I saw. The very name of a panic room is wrapped in FEAR. Panic is another word for terror, fright, dread, alarm, fear, and horror. Since God always tells us not to fear, then the very meaning of this room is based on the enemy’s thought process.

Now I’m not saying a person can’t have a panic room. What I am saying is not to put your trust in a panic room. Psalm 91 tells us the Bible way to live – how to have a safe zone (secret place) where the enemy cannot get to you. Part of the answer is in verse 2 – “I will SAY of the Lord, HE is my refuge and my fortress, my God, therefore in Him will I trust (my life to Him).”

So your mouth has to speak that God is your safe zone. Verses 3-7 talk about God protecting you from things that sound far worse than someone breaking into your home (although He will protect you from that, too). Verse 10 states boldly that NO EVIL will conquer you and no plague will come near your home (NLT). The qualifier is that you have to believe this.

Instead of having communication equipment hooked up to law enforcement, God orders His angels, His “protection enforcers” to protect you, to serve you. You communicate with angels by speaking words that line up with God’s words rather than fear. Thus you assign your angels to protect you. If you speak fear and doubt, your angels can’t do a thing for you.

How can I say that? Angels hear and do – hearken – to the Word of God. You speak contrary to those words, you cut off your protection. Example? “I’m so afraid I’m going to die of cancer.” “I’m afraid someone is going to attack me after hours at work.” “I’m so afraid….” -fill in the blank.

If you do have a panic room, make sure your trust and security are in God’s protection while using it! You don’t have to have a physical panic room because you have the best protection of all. Where and What? Living in a place of security, safety, and protection – Psalm 91.

Like I told Leland – I don’t have a safe room, I have a safe house! He said, “Well, I have a safety zone – everywhere I am!”

Always gotta one-up me!

Psalm 91
Psalm 103:20
Romans 10:17
Matt 12:24
Luke 6:45

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