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A Time to Die?

We are in the process of moving. I am going to use some of the older posts to “fill in” until I can get back online and give you fresh ones! So please bear with me as I do a redux!  Plus I haven’t forgotten I was going to tell you about supernatural protection from ice and hail. I have to find the “ice” picture I want to show you when I tell you about the sheets of ice that came down, cut off the plastic casing on the vapor light, stripped pine and cedar trees – but did no damage to our property, vehicles or cattle!


So many people believe that there is a specific time we are to die and that no matter what we do, when our time’s up, it’s up. Is that true? Or is it based on things people quote and pass down as fact?

Let’s take this one: There is a set time for us to die.

A song was written about this years ago, and people have been quoting that song ever since. People believe that there is a specific time for us to die and there’s nothing we can do about it. 

The problem with quoting others is that they are not always quoting the Bible, they’re misunderstanding or they are quoting a part that isn’t for us, today.

There are two places – Hebews 9:27, “And as it is appointed unto men once to die” (or destined to die once as in ONE time).

And Ecclesiastes 3:2 – A time to be born, and a time to die (which is where the song came from). This one is talking about the seasons of life – that people are born and people will die. 

People have taken both these scriptures and come to the conclusion that there is a specific day set aside for us to die. The scriptures actually only state the we will die once. It says nothing about a specific day or time. 

And if people quote Job 14:5 to you, they need to realize that this is Job talking negatively, not God speaking through him. Job was whining. Not to mention, that is a curse and Jesus took care of that!

There are a lot of scriptures that talk about long life. If God is for long life then He can’t be for your life being cut short, on a specific day and time. Plus He specifically states that man’s days are 120 (Genesis 6:3). Yes, 120 – plus you can add to that number.

The first scripture in the Bible that came with a promise, Deuteronomy 5:16, states that if you honor your parents you will live a long, full life (also Ephesians 6:1-3). Psalms 91:16 says He will satisfy you with long life.

Satisfy: to sate (supply you with more than you desire); until you have enough. Does that sound like a God who’s going to pluck you out of this life on a certain day and time?  No. It does sound like it’s up to us when we leave, doesn’t it? If you’re not satisfied, stick around some more!!

There are other scriptures that talk about ways to prolong your life through obedience to God’s Word like Proverbs 13:3 that says if you watch what you say then you will have a long life (AND God’s plan will prosper in your hands).

With wisdom come the benefits of long life, riches and honor (Prov. 3:15-16)

Proverbs 3:1-2 talks about not forgetting what God’s Word tells you to do. Why? Because those Words, and your obedience to them, will prolong your life (and bring you peace and prosperity)!

Oh, and that scripture where God states that our days are to be 120?  Genesis 6:3? If you’re told about the scripture in Psalms 90:10 that states you live 70 or 80 years? Those scriptures were written about a specific group, the Israelites, while they were in the wilderness. It was NOT good news to them since it shortened their expected lifespan by many years.  

The Study Bible starts out this way in verse 9: “For all our days have declined in Your fury; We have finished our years like a sigh.” They knew their lives had been shortened through disobedience and they were not going to be able to go into the Promised Land.  Their children were, they weren’t.

The good news is that the scripture in Genesis 6:3 that states our years are to be 120 years has never changed throughout the entire Bible (other than ways to increase those years). That is the age God says we are to live to (healthy and active). The only thing that shortens people’s lives was and is disobedience.

Aim for 120 years, healthy and active, looking good and being effective for God. After that? Live until you’re satisfied you’ve done everything you’re supposed to do then zip on up to heaven!

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