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God Knows Your Name

In the animated Pixar movie, Cars, there is a side character who pops up a few times, named Fred.

We know his name is Fred because that’s what’s written on the license plate on the front of his truck. He doesn’t seem to realize that is why people know his name, because they read his license plate. He is just so ecstatic that people know his name.

Here’s the cool thing about God – He knows your name, without a name tag or license plate!! He created you and knows you inside out. He knows YOU, better than anyone on earth.

He knows your likes and dislikes. He know your giftings, talents and abilities. He knows what will make you contented and happy. He knows what you are graced to do. He knows the plans and thoughts HE has for you, and they are plans that are for your best.

He even knows how many hairs are on your head.

He knows when we’re heartbroken. He knows when we feel lost and alone. He knows when we need a pick-me-up. He knows when we need a hug. He knows how to fix every single thing in our life (if we will let him). He knows us.

God created us. His love for us is SO vast we can’t calculate it. He loves us no matter our past or even present. He just loves.

We should all get as excited as Fred – God knows my name!  He knows my name. That should be of the uttermost importance to us because it means we can go to Him about everything.

If we can just grasp a little of His love for us, then He can show us the rest. Of course it will take a lifetime, and then some, to truly understand how much He loves us!

And we should also know His name, by getting to know Him, too!


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