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Tuesday Grace and Tea: Favor

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Grace has been called “God’s unmerited Favor*” on and in our lives; it is something we do not earn. God just loves us that much. We are so well-favored that even our mistakes are NONE of Satan’s business. God totally defeated our enemy though the Blood of Jesus and Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross.

So if you’re feeling unworthy, worthless, unable to do anything good for God, incapable, too dumb to stop making the same mistakes over and over – LIES!  Anything that does not build you up is NOT from God! Kick that enemy out of your mind (say it)! Fill that mind with what God has to say.

green tea pot and cups

Here are some interesting “facts” about tea:

    • There are over 3,000 types of tea in the world – making it the 2nd most consumed beverage internationally behind water
    • Our friends across the pond in the UK drink 62 BILLION cups of tea a year – or 165 million cups a day
    • Tea bags on your eyes can reduce swelling and puffiness – I’ve known this for years but according to Reader’s Digest, placing two steeped, cooled tea bags on your eye lids can help reduce dark circles and puffy eye
    • Green Tea is very beneficial to your health; the recommended “dosage” is between 3 to 5 cups a day.
    • According to Consumer Labs green tea is higher in catechins (polyphenol) such as EGCG.  One of the better brewed green teas available is plain old Lipton Pure Green Tea; 79mg of EGCG


*(Strong’s Concordance)

**Remember, I am just beginning this so patience as I learn what I am doing (shorter Tuesday posts). After all, if God told me to do it then I am GRACED to do it!  Graced: give the ability

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