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What’s Stopping Your Victory?

Word Stop Sign


1 – power (authority, force, ability, mastery, jurisdiction) over unclean (foul) spirits, to heal all kinds of sickness and all kinds of disease,

2 – power (ability) to heal sicknesses, and to cast out (expel) devils:

3 – power (mastery) over unclean spirits;

4 – power (force) and authority (ability) over all devils, and to cure (heal) diseases.

5 – power (ability, force, competency, mastery) to tread (trample, stomp) on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power (forces) of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you (you will remain completely unharmed).

We know the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy everything good in our life and that Jesus came to bring us an abundant, rich and satisfying life. Here we are as Christians with ALL this power, authority, ability, force, mastery, jurisdiction, and competency over ALL the forces and power of the enemy. 

So why is it then that we can barely tell the difference between those who serve God and those who don’t? Like someone pulled the plug on the power God gave His people and made them as ineffective as unsaved people?

Christians are just as sick (or sicker) than the non-Christians. They are just as broke, busted and disgusted. They have marriage problems, the same 50% divorce rate statistic, kids out in the world, not enough money to pay their bills, driving beat up, cheap, old cars with 2 good tires and 2 faith tires, and the only praying they do is to get by until the next payday.

Why do they battle the same sickness, disease, problems, sins, and financial burdens that people of the world (non-Christians) does? They do not know their authority.

How do you operate in the authority God has given you through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross? How do you follow 1 Timothy 6:12 and, “Fight the good fight of faith?”

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First of all, you must realize that to “fight the good fight of faith” does not mean getting beat up by the devil and holding on to your sanity by a thread. It does not mean to “stoically hang in there” while all hell is breaking loose in your life and you’re being beaten up by the devil. 

Fighting the good fight of faith – OF FAITH. Faith comes by hearing the Word of God. A good fight is one you win. Thus the fight of faith can simply mean hanging on to your faith in what you are believing for, no matter what it looks like around you.

Take sickness and disease for an example. Find and read scriptures that talk about Jesus going around and healing everyone of every disease. The more you study those scriptures, the more your faith builds up to believe for healing.

Your good fight will be to stand on the promise of that healing that Jesus paid for and to quit letting the devil try to steal your healing away from you. You may feel horrid. All symptoms in your body may scream, “YOU’RE SICK, YOU’RE SICK, YOU’RE SICK!!” 

The “fact” may be that sickness symptoms are in your body, everything from cold, flu to cancer symptoms.  The “truth” is what the Bible says, God says – “By His (Jesus) whip scarred ripped open skin, you were and are healed.” That healing was finalized on the Cross. You are healed.

Get an understanding that you are NOT the sick trying to get healed. You are “the healed” and the devil is coming to destroy that by bringing you sickness and trying to get you to accept it.

THAT SICKNESS DOES NOT BELONG TO YOU. It is not yours, it is the devil’s. Quit accepting it. Give it back to him in your authority to do so (oh, and never, ever say “MY” sickness. Don’t personalize it.).

The good fight says,  “I am free from sickness and disease! I refuse to accept this sickness and disease trying to overtake me! I just read in the Bible that healing is mine. The devil is not going to steal it from me. No one is going to talk me out of it. It belongs to me. Today, right now, I receive my healing!”

Then don’t back off. Once you’ve said that, don’t ever say anything contrary to it. Don’t be moved by time or symptoms (or friends talking and questioning).

When the devil comes back a week later to whisper in your ear, “You are going to die! You’re not going to get your healing” laugh at him and say, “Too late! I’ve already gotten it. I received my healing last week. It’s mine and you can’t steal it”!

Just keep fighting. Refuse to give up. Keep reading healing scriptures to keep your faith built up (Rom. 10:17). Keep doing what God tells you to do and your healing will come to pass.

Then turn around and apply this same principle to every area of your life like finances and relationships!  God’s Word works!

Don’t let anything stop you! Stand in your authority and power, and fight to keep your faith on the promises in the Bible, to receive the very benefits Jesus died for you to have!

Scripture References:

Matthew 28:18-19a
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Mark 3:14-15
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  1. I like that. The truth is what Jesus paid the price for and gave it to me. I don’t have to be sick anymore. I am healed.

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