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Imagination and Velveeta©

1960s Velveeta box
1960’s Velveeta Box

Don’t tell anyone, but I love Velveeta*. I know it isn’t really cheese, per se, but it is just… I don’t know, so bad it’s good? I even found a great copy-cat recipe for it. No chemicals.

The last time I had any was a year ago this time. I was getting ready to toss the large empty Velveeta box away and as I looked at the box I had a jog down memory lane or a Barbie** doll flashback.

As a kid, I used an empty Velveeta box while playing.  My box created all sorts of Barbie accessories – like a bathtub. It was exactly the right size for Barbie to sit in. You could could use cotton balls to make it look like the tub was full of bubbles.

My box was a car. It may only have looked like a car in my mind, but Barbie sure liked driving it around with GI Joe**** – oh? You didn’t know? In my house, she didn’t like wimpy Ken***; she liked macho Joe.

My box was a davenport, although at that time Barbie’s legs didn’t bend other than to sit straight out. But by golly, she sat on that sofa length-wise and it worked.

My box, sometimes combined with another box, was a bed. Mom helped me make little pillows and gave me bits of material for blankets that finished off the effect.

My little yellow box was all sorts of furniture and things. All it took was imagination.

Sometimes, you just need a little time to sit, imagine and dream. And the more you dream God-dreams, those goals you can’t do on your own, can’t believe in on your own – the bigger those dreams will grow. God needs us to dream THAT big and it will take God getting involved for it to come to pass.

God created our imagination for our lives, for our jobs for Him here on earth, for expanding His Kingdom, and to get us out of our comfort zones.  Having a vision for your future is so important to God that there are over 400 scriptures referring to imaginations, dreams and visions!

The more time you spend with God in His Word, talking to Him and writing down what He speaks to you in your heart, then the greater you will begin to dream and set goals. You will begin to see what part of His Plan you play in this world, whether it be in the marketplace or behind the pulpit.

God needs people to use their imagination and begin to dream and set goals in every walk of life. This includes wealthy ministers to wealthy businessmen/women who help the spreading of the Good News!

I am going to keep my Velveeta box from snack night this year. I am going to set it on my desk as a reminder to dream, to create more vision boards and have big goals that I have to believe God for!

We have been given a great imagination from our very own Creator. It is time to begin, my friend, to dream!

Velveeta, Kraft Foods

**© Barbie


****GI Joe

Scripture references to be added later this weekend. I ran out of time last night!

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