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Tuesday Elegance and Tea: Finished Works

“The finished works of the Cross” simply means that everything Jesus died for us to have was completed there on that bloody cross. The blood that He shed for us procured our healing, eternal life in heaven, safety, protection, prosperity, and an abundantly good life, to name a few benefits.

Immediately the devil came in to steal those benefits from us. If those benefits are already ours, and we aren’t experiencing them, then it means the devil is stealing from us – stealing our health by trying to give us sickness. Stealing our prosperity by wrecking our finances. Stealing our peace by introducing strife into our lives.

If healing is already ours then sickness and disease are not ours. If prosperity is already ours, then being in lack is not ours. If peace is already ours then strife is not ours. If these negative things are not ours, what are we doing with them in our lives?

I think it is time to quit letting this happen, don’t you? Find out what your Rights are and fight to keep them.

………………silver tea caddy   tea caddy

tea caddy is a box, jar, canister, or other receptacle used to store loose leaf* tea. When first introduced to Europe, tea was extremely expensive. It was often under lock and key. The containers used were therefore often expensive and decorative, to fit in with the rest of a drawing-room. 

Another beautiful thing in a world of beauty!

John 10:10
Psalms 68:19
Psalms 103
1 Timothy 6:12

*Not unlike small wood storage chests nowadays that we put tea bags in

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  1. That was interesting. Those things of the curse is not mine. If not mine then I better give them back to whom they belong (the enemy). I bought into his lies but no more. I am…

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