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Bored Angels

I still remember when Leland learned that angels were more than beings that protected us. He had been reading books about angels and learned that, according to the Bible, they are here on earth to SERVE us.

Like a waiter in a restaurant, when you put in your order, they will go bring it to you. Angels are sent here to help us accomplish God’s will in our life.

The biggest problem is that none of us seemed to know this. Oh, we believed in guardian angels over children. We just never realized that they never left us as we grew up.

I heard a teacher say one time that if you are talking God’s language – what He says about us (which is in the Bible) – they will go do that for us, bring that to us, or find a way to serve us. When we speak something contrary to God’s language such as, “I’m always going to be broke” they can only stand still with their hands folded in front of them. God is not for us being broke.

There was a day Leland learned there are cowboy angels. Once he began utilizing them with his cattle, he learned even more about them.

One example was the time he needed certain steers brought up to the corral to wean them because they were nearing 6 months old.  He was able to separate out the ones he needed with the exception of one. That one refused to come up anywhere near the corral.

He said, “Angels, I need to have #55 brought to the corral. It is time for him to be weaned because he will soon be 6 months old.” After saying that, he just left it alone.

One day he went out and there #55 was, standing in the corral with a totally confused look on his face. It looked like he had no idea why he was up there. He also didn’t leave although the gate was open.

To make the story even better, Leland was in the office checking on something and realizing the angels had brought #55 on his birthday,

He has an entire book full of angel stories like that. It’s been such a supernatural ride!!

The title of this blog hit me because I believe many of our angels are bored – needing something to do. They were sent down here to serve us. The problem is we have to GIVE them something to do.

Here are a few things we can begin to do:  before a road trip to anywhere, send your angels ahead of you to prepare the way to all your destinations safely and back home again. I especially do this on on long road trips.

Once I couldn’t find my glasses. I’m pretty sure they were accidentally thrown away because they’d been wrapped in tissue in my purse.  I’d taken all the tissues out of my purse and put them in the counter, not remembering the glasses were in one of those tissues.

I asked the angels to help me find them, even asking them to bring them to me. Several months (8-9) later – while I HAD THOUGHTS of, “I guess their gone” I never said that. I just kept saying, “Thank you for my glasses!”

The day I found them was a head scratching moment. Coming in our back door you walked into a little area before turning to go into the kitchen. On the side of a built-in shelf I’d nailed a key hanger that had holders for mail or whatnot. One day I walked to that room for something and there in one of the holders was a tissue.  Yes, my glasses were inside.

How? Don’t know. I’m just grateful I had them again.

How about you?  Are your angels bored? Start putting them to work. Start asking for help. Protections. Things you’ve lost. Be creative – because as Hebrews 1:14 (Amplified) Are not the angels all ministering spirits (servants) sent out in the service [of God for the assistance] of those who are to inherit salvation?

Salvation means more than going to heaven. Rescue, safety (physically or morally), deliverance, health, protect, heal, save, do well,

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  1. That is awesome. We have learned they can drive trucks, put notes on your windshield with a persons name and number to get raw milk, keep animals from being hit by your truck. The list goes on and on and I just keep learning more almost every day.

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