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2010 – Surround Yourself With Beauty!

I heard a quote the other day, “Surround yourself with things that are beautiful to you. They inspire creativity.”

One of the meanings of the word beauty is “decoration” so I believe God meant for us to surround ourselves with decor and decorations that inspire. After all, He did!

God made a world of beauty and drama like the surprise of red Spider Lilies – flowers I had no idea were in my (former) yard that suddenly popped up then were gone in two weeks.

Moon and Clouds over water

How about a sunrise on the ocean or a full moon shining off a lake. Or lightening in the sky? So much better than fireworks! And I love a full moon with clouds wisping across it and the crisp scent of burning leaves.

There is so much beauty around us that we often fail to take the time to see it, much less enjoy it. Everyone seems to be rushing, rushing, rushing with a cell phone glued to their hand, with no idea where they are rushing to – or why. They might say they are living but I say they are missing the best part of life.

BUT the best thing you can surround yourself with is the presence of God. Spend time with Him, read His love letters to you (Bible), fellowship, worship, and just enjoy Him. It will change the atmosphere in your house.

Psalm 16:8-9 points out that when we put God first, our “flesh shall rest in hope” – resting is a peaceful term especially when combined with hope. The original Bible meaning of the word hope is refuge – to go quickly for refuge – to trust, be confident or sure of refuge – rest in (His) refuge.

When you know God is your refuge, when you are sure God has your back – to protect, deliver, provide, prosper, keep safe – you can rest. I love the Living Bible version:

“I am always thinking of the Lord; and because He is so near, I never need to stumble or to fall. Heart and body and soul are filled with joy!”

My heart and body and soul are filled with joy!

Wow! Doesn’t that just make you want to surround yourself with God’s presence today

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